Printable Words of Wisdom Cards

Words of Wisdom Cards are a great way to start the bride and groom-to-be off with some love/marriage advice from the ones they love. Each guest will be able to fill out a card with funny or heartfelt words for the couple to enjoy for a lifetime.

Once the cards are filled out, read them aloud for all to enjoy or pack them in a cute book for the bride-to-be to enjoy all to herself.

***Great Game Alternative Alert! Once all the Words of Wisdom Cards are filled out, randomly select one of the cards and the guest whose card is drawn, wins a prize!

What's Included in Your Order:

  • Printable 8.5" x 11" PDF version of the Words of Wisdom cards - 2 cards on each sheet (you then can print off as many copies of the game as you need)

  • Rules of Play

Once you place your order, a link to the game will be INSTANTLY sent to your email for you to start printing right from home!

Save it to your computer and it will be yours to keep forever - use it for future bridal showers!


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