Top 10 Wine Tasting Party Ideas

...for a bridal shower

wine tasting party ideas

Wine Tasting Party Ideas

A wine tasting party is an excellent option for bridal showers. Wine is romantic, gets everyone talking, and is available everywhere! A wine party would also work great for a couples shower - wine, good food, fun ladies...what man wouldn't love it?

No need to be an expert wine connoisseur to host a wine tasting bridal shower. There are so many ways to pull this party off without knowing a thing about wine! Check out our tips below...

'Top 10 Wine Tasting Party Ideas'

#1) Wine Consultant or Not? You have the option of hiring a wine consultant to come to your house for the party or simply go to your market and pick up a few bottles from different regions. Many markets even have a wine expert so you can ask their advice. Make sure to purchase a variety - whites, reds, pinks, dessert wines.

#2) Location... If you live in one of the fabulous wine regions, why not travel to the local winery for a tasting? Many wineries offer tastings for just a few dollars.

Not in wine country? - Host the party at your house and set up wine tasting stations.

#3) Order and Presentation- Present the wines in groups. Start with any sparkling wines, then whites, pinks, and reds. Finish off with dessert wines. Make up a cute wine tasting card for each table - include the names of the wine, where it's from, the year, and any unique flavors it may have.

#4) mmm..FOOD! What's a wine tasting party without grapes and cheese? Serve soft cheeses, fruits, nuts,olives, salami, and some crusty bread. You could even go as far as researching which cheeses accompany the different wines well and offer them at the correct wine table.

#5) Invitation... Let the theme of the party begin with the invitations. Choose an invitation with a wine/grape theme to it. Include all the necessary details to let the guests know it will be a wine tasting party. They may want to pick a gift with a wine theme to it.

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#6) Decorations- Use empty wine bottles for vases to hold pretty flowers. Pick some grapes up at the market and display on tables. Oak barrels would work great as tables, check your local nurseries or craft stores.

#7) Something sweet... Wine infused cupcake anyone? Yes, they are real - look for a recipe online or ask your local bakery if they offer them. Remember to serve a dessert wine with the dessert!

#8) Wine Games! Play guess the wine? Have the guests take sips of different wines and have them guess which type it is. Merlot, shiraz, syrah, etc? Chardonnay, pinot, riesling, etc? The guest who gets the most right wins. Make a game out of wine tasting - my kind of shower!

#9) Favor fun! Send the guests home with a bottle of wine. Many markets offer a cheaper wine - $3 or so. Cuten it up a bit by adding a custom label to the wine. A nice touch to include on the label - "Thank you for coming to Jill's Bridal Shower - June 22, 2010"

#10) Transportation- Afterall, it is a wine tasting party so transportation should be thought about. Make sure the guests are able to drive home after all their wine tasting. Maybe a husband could be on stand-by for this situation?

That's it - Our 'Top 10 Wine Tasting Party Ideas' - easy enough for anyone to host a wine tasting bridal shower!

All in all, the bridal shower is all about the bride-to-be. Make sure she is on board with having a wine tasting party for her shower and it would be nice if she loved vino!

Have a fun theme you'd like to share? Please let us know!

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