Top 10 Prizes For Wedding Showers

Prizes For Wedding Showers

Picking the perfect prize for the game winners should be fun and easy! The prizes can be spendy or inexpensive depending on the mood of the shower and/or how many games will be played. If there are only 1 or 2 games, you may want to spend a little more on the prizes - more than two games, spend a little less. Remember to buy a few extra prizes in case of a tie!

The prizes for games may follow the theme of the shower if you'd like, but that is not a must. Is the bride-to-be a coffee lover or does she love to garden? Maybe choose a prize that goes along with what she enjoys. Here are our favorite prize ideas...

"Top 10 Prizes For Shower Games"

  • Potted Plant

  • Starbucks Gift Card- place gift card in a coffee mug

  • Spa Basket- Fill with lotions, soaps, bath beads, and bubble bath

  • Towels- Buy some kitchen towels or washcloths - tie some ribbon or raffia around them - Super cute prize!

  • Picture Frame

  • Bottle of Wine

  • Candles

  • Box of Gourmet Chocolates

  • Nice Stationery and Pens

  • Tea With a Teacup

Every game deserves a fun prize to go along with it. There you have our top prizes - hope you now have some prize inspiration!

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