How To Make A Wedding Shower Towel Cake

Wedding shower towel cakes are on the rise - and why shouldn't they be? They are super cute and they can double as a centerpiece and a gift!

We set out to make a towel cake and we have the "how-to's" below. Come to find out, they are simple to make and you can let your creativity run wild...

wedding shower towel cake

Before you start the construction of your towel cake there are a few things to consider. First, decide the colors of the towels you want to use - wedding colors or colors of the bride and groom's bathroom? Then if there is a theme to the shower, buy some items that follow the theme to use as decoration on the towel cake. No theme - buy some fun ribbon and flowers to decorate the cake.

Now you are ready to start making your wedding shower towel cake!

Materials Needed:

2 bath towels
2 hand towels
2 washcloths
large safety pins
straight pins

decorative ribbon (for decoration)
faux flowers (for decoration)

Step 1- Start with a bath towel and fold into thirds lengthwise. Then fold it in half, right over the previous folds, lengthwise. Make sure the fold are even so the cake looks even in the end.

Step 2- Repeat step 1 with the second bath towel.

Step 3- After both towels are folded, put the ends of the towels together. Using 1 or 2 safety pins, pin the ends together. The folded ends should be the same size if you folded carefully.

Step 4- Start at one end and carefully roll the towels into one long roll. Roll as tightly as possible.

Step 5- You should be able to notice a right side and wrond side to the roll. Make sure the right side is facing up. It should be pretty flat so the second tier will sit flat on top of it. If it isn't try to adjust it so it is.

Step 6- Using straight pins, pin the ends down until firmly down.

Step 7- Repeat all steps with hand towels to make second tier. Then repeat steps with washcloths to make top tier.

Step 8- Let the fun begin! It's time to decorate the wedding shower towel cake. Grab your ribbon, and place around the bottom of each tier. Glue or fasten the ribbon with straight pins. Add some fun flowers in the creases of the towels. If you want to monogram it, grab some card stock - make your monogram - and simply tape it on!

There you have a simple and sweet wedding shower towel cake!

If you're a visual learner - here's a video on how to make a towel cake!

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