Unique Bridal Shower Trivia Game

by Dawn

This bridal shower trivia game is unlike the rest and also offers a lifetime keepsake for the bride and groom! It does take a little time and effort from the groom.

First compile a list of questions (about 15) to ask the groom. The questions should be about the bride (ex. How much did the bride weigh when she was born? What color are her eyes? What high school did she attend?... etc.)
Without the bride knowing, have the groom stop by one night to answer the questions and have someone video tape him answering the questions you are asking him.

On the day of the shower, give the list of questions you asked the groom to each guest. Then ask the guests if the groom were asked these questions would he get them right? Have the guests put "yes" or "no" by each question.

You then have the video set up and start playing the video...pause after the narrator of the video asks the question so the bride can first answer the question....then turn the video back on to see if the groom knew the answer. The guest who gets the most right wins! This game is hilarious and the bride will be amazed you pulled this off without her knowledge! Give the bride the video to hold over her husbands head forever!

Super fun twist on a bridal shower trivia game!

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