Top 10 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas....

to please the "one-of-a-kind' bride-to-be!

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

It seems that every shower now days is the same - boring decorations, lame games, and the same old shower cake. Why not step it up a bit and add your own unique spin to it?

If the bride-to-be is fun, outgoing, and likes to have a good time - her bridal shower should reflect that. That is why we have done all the dirty work for you and have come up with some unique shower ideas that will be sure to please everyone.

"Top 10 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas"

#1)Big Girl Sleepover- This is definitely fun if the shower is mostly younger ladies. Gather sleeping bags, popcorn, movies and step back into childhood with a sleepover. Tell some funny stories of the highschool/college years, do some facials, and just enjoy hanging out.

#2)A Shower Fit For A Princess- Pull out all the bling for the bride-to-be. Decorate with large faux diamond rings, glitter, and some rhinestones. Make it a Tiffany themed party and decorate with blue boxes and all!

#3)Down Home Kinda Girl?- Throw a western themed party. Put some flowers in cowboy boots, serve sweet tea, and decorate with plaid tablecloths. Anyone down for some horseshoe throwing?

#4) Fighting For A Cause- Is there a cause or charity the bride-to-be feels strongly about? Incorporate that into the shower. Maybe instead of buying favors, donate the money you would spend to the charity or cause. Let the guests know with a little handout that tells all about the cause or charity. Some brides even go as far as having the shower hostess send a note in the invite that tells guests in lieu of gifts, please donate to the cause or charity.

#5) Keepin' Fit- Bride-to-be working on her figure? If exercising is her thing, hire a yoga or pilates instructor to come and teach some techniques to all the guests. Just make sure to include all the details in the invitation so the guests come prepared.

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#6) Dinner Out- Host the shower at a nice restauraunt. Skip the games, decorations, and all the other shower traditions and just have a nice, relaxing dinner out. Good food, yummy drinks, and lovely company - how can it get any better than that? This night out could be a bridal shower and bachelorette party rolled into one.

#7) Skip The Games- Games aren't her thing? Check out these fun activities... (Click here for fun game alternatives.)

#8) Wedding Charm- Another fun game alternative - add a wedding charm (or little object related to weddings) inside one cupcake, person who gets the cupcake with the charm baked inside - wins a prize!

#9) Unique Sweets- Ask your local bakery to make a cake that is out of the norm... Or skip the cake all together - Serve a variety of sweets; pies, tarts, macaroons, cookies...

#10) Mystery Cocktail- Create a mystery cocktail for your guests to enjoy. As they arrive, hand them the cocktail and have them guess the ingredients. Sure to get the guests mingling and talking. Great icebreaker!

Bridal showers should be an affair to remember and with these "out of the ordinary" ideas, it will be. Remember to go over details with the bride-to-be before adding any unique touches, you don't want to offend or upset any of the guests and especially not the bride-to-be!

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