Truth Or Lie Game

by Darlene

The "Truth Or Lie Game" is a wonderful ice breaker game...

As each guest arrives, offer them a mint from a large bowl.

They can take as many as they want...but for every mint they take, they have to reveal a fact about themselves. (Don't reveal this to them though - and tell them not to eat them yet)

After everyone has sat down go around and have guests start saying facts about themselves. (I have 5 kids, I live in a blue house, I didn't finish college, I have a secret candy stash in my bedroom, etc.)

To make it even more interesting...the guest can choose whether or not to tell the truth.

The other guests get to guess which ones are real and which are made up.

There really isn't a prize for this wedding shower game, it is basically just to start up conversation and make things fun!

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