Travel Wedding Shower Theme...  

Top 10 Ideas to Make it Memorable

travel wedding shower

Hosting a travel wedding shower theme for the bride-to-be or couple is the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Especially if they love to travel, are having a destination wedding or come from different cultures. Celebrate all the different places with a few simple, thoughtful ideas. A travel themed shower would be perfect for a couples shower too!

A few travel wedding shower theme ideas we came up with:

  1. Some fun travel themed sayings; "Love is in the air", "Fly away with us" - Make banners using the sayings and write on favors and invitations.
  2. Add some "travel feel" to invitations  - Create invites that look like postcards, luggage tags, or passports.
  3. For centerpieces use globes, hot air balloons, compasses, or vintage suitcases filled with flowers.
  4. Maps are an easy way to jazz up everything! Use maps as table runners, wrap around candle holders and jars filled with flowers. Using a paper punch, punch out hearts or other fun shapes - scatter around tables, attach to favors or use as cupcake toppers. 
  5. Using flags from different countries or states, make a banner by stringing them on string or ribbon.
  6. Serve a wide array of food from different places that mean something to the couple. (ex. They have been to Sweden or are Swedish - serve Swedish meatballs) -  Mark the food by placing the corresponding flag by the dishes.
  7. For drinks, showcase different drinks from different places. Maybe different wines or beers from places they have traveled. Or Google signature drinks specific to places and choose a few and serve those. Possibilities are endless!
  8. Same goes for desserts, research popular desserts from places and make/buy those. For Italy, serve tiramisu - Mexico, churros, etc.
  9. A fun game would be to come up with all the ways to say "I Love You" in different languages and have the guests try to figure it out!
  10. Great travel themed favors would be; luggage tags, beach towels, flip flops, or tote bags.Step it up a notch and hand out a variety of favors from different places. Ex. If the bride is Swedish, the groom is Irish and the wedding is in England - hand out Swedish fish, airplane bottle of Jameson whiskey, and a luggage tag with Big Ben on it.  


There are so many different ways to plan, decorate a travel wedding shower theme and tailor it to the couple. By adding some simple touches, you will blow the couple away with all your attention to detail! - Make it memorable!

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We made a FREE Travel themed printable just for you!

travel wedding shower

A 5x7 customizable printable that you can use for an invitation or  type a fun saying on it, frame it and display it at the shower! Some examples: "Fly Away With US", "Love is in the Air"


Download it here!

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