Towel Cake Directions....

how to make the cutest cupcake towel favors!

towel cake directions

Towel Cake Directions - DIY Cupcake Towel Favor

Since towel cakes are ever so popular, why not hop on the band wagon and pass out cupcake towel favors? They are super cute and easy to make.

Just follow our step-by-step directions below...

towel cupcake supplies

Supplies Needed:(Makes 1 towel cupcake favor - adjust supplies to make the amount needed)

  • Cute piece of scrapbook paper (mine measured width = 11 inches / height = 3 inches)
  • 1 wash cloth in desired color
  • 1 rubber band
  • Paper edger scissors - scalloped (Use any design of edger scissors you'd like)
  • Regular scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon

Putting it all together....The directions for a towel cupcake:

Step #1- Fold the washcloth in half lengthwise - then fold in half again lengthwise.

Step #2- Beginning at one end of the folded washcloth, start rolling it up until you reach the end. Place the rubberband around the rolled up washcloth to secure it. *** Should sort of resemble a cinnamon roll at this point

Step #3- Using the edger scissors, cut your scrapbook paper to fit around the rolled up washcloth. Wrap the cut paper around the washcloth and secure with a bit of glue. Trim off any extra paper with regular scissors.

Step #4- Tie the ribbon around the scrapbook paper for extra cuteness!

Repeat until you have the desired amount of cupcakes!

***Like the SWEET favor tag on top of the cupcake? Click on the link below for the FREE printable!

Click here to get the Sweet Love favor tag

These easy and fun favors will make every guest happy! Everyone can use a new towel - but it's even better... it's a towel cupcake!

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