Purple Passion Garden Party Cake

by Erin Barnett
(Roy, Utah U.S.A.)

I realize this looks like a wedding cake but it is indeed a shower cake. The shower was ouside and was garden themed. The bride was obsessed with having a purple cake and she left the rest up to me. So rather than have the cake a giant mass of "purple-ness" I decided to do each tier a variating shade of purple ascending down the cake. (Start with the lightest tier, that way any leftover from that tier can be mixed into the next tier's color.) Another secret of this cake... the 2 top tiers are styrofoam. She didn't have that many people to feed and didn't want a bunch of left over cake, so it's a partial artifical. I did the scrollwork with a number 3 tip (number 2 would also work.) For the flowers, I rolled out ivory fondant and hand cut each one with a knife and then placed each piece on the cake one at a time with a bit of water. (Sorry I do not have a pattern for this, I made it up as I went.) For the bow I used some leftover fondant from the bottom tier to bring some of the dark purple to the top of the cake. I bought a broche and pulled the pin off of the back and stuck it in the middle of the bow.

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