DIY Fall Party Decoration Ideas....

Pinecone L-O-V-E Garland

DIY Fall Party Decoration Ideas

Ever buy those wonderfully scented cinnamon pinecones? Well I have - EVERY YEAR! There are an abundance of pinecones in my fall decorations bin because I save all the pinecones from previous years.

This year I decided to put them to use and make a fun pinecone garland. Perfect for a bridal shower or to just have up on your mantel. This project took very little time and was super easy!

Check out how to make the Pinecone L-O-V-E Garland below...

Supplies Needed:

Putting It All Together:

#1- Cut twine to desired length. Cut out LOVE printable.

#2- Lay out cut twine on a table and begin to place pinecones and LOVE printable where you would like them to be glued on the twine.

#3- Hot glue the pinecones and printable to the twine. Hang garland!

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