Top 10 Tips For a Memorable Maid Of Honor Speech

Maid Of Honor Speech

Speeches and toasts don't always come natural to those delivering them. They take time, practice, and confidence.

Being the maid of honor is an amazing honor and one of the duties is to give the maid of honor speech at the wedding. You want the speech to be heartfelt and memorable. We have gathered all the top tips for you to follow while writing and delivering your speech.

If you aren't the maid of honor but are still speaking at the wedding, these tips will be helpful to you too!

'Top 10 Tips For a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech'

  • Collect your thoughts and memories that you want use in the speech.
  • Start with introducing yourself to the crowd. Explain how you know the couple.
  • Talk about how the couple met and what your thoughts were about them as a couple.
  • Inlcude a funny story of the two of them. (But remember the don't want to offend anyone, especially the bride or groom.)
  • Include an inspirational quote if you'd like.
  • Let them know you love them and wish them a long and happy life together. (You could say that as you toasted to them.)
  • Toast to the couple at the end of your speech, unless the bride says otherwise.
  • Keep the speech short and sweet! Usually no longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Start writing and preparing the speech 2-3 weeks in advance. Write a draft, edit it, have someone proof it, then edit again. Then you are ready for a final draft!
  • Practice reading the speech. Practice, practice, and practice some more.

Hope these tips help! Oh and one more thing...remember to bring your speech or notes to the wedding! It's okay to read off note cards while giving the speech. Happy Writing!

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