Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

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Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

If you plan on hosting a wedding shower near Halloween, you will enjoy all the spooky details we have put together for you. Many of the ideas can be tweaked to accommodate a Wicked Wedding Shower theme.

While searching for some creepy Halloween party ideas, we stumbled upon an amazingly talented lady, Shelley, and her blog House of Smiths. Her recent post on "Halloween Decorating Ideas" inspired me in so many ways I just had to share. All the projects are DIY, affordable, and spooky-licious!

Prepare to amazed with all the details from
House of Smiths...

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party  decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party  decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

halloween party decorating ideas

(All photos property of House of Smiths)

And Shelley from House of Smiths said she wasn't much of a "Halloween decorator" - Could have fooled us!

"Our Top 10 Favorite Things About House of Smiths Halloween Feature "

#1) Spooky Candy Buffet- Excellent favor idea - let the guests trick-or-treat! Have little paper baggies by the table so the guests have something to put all their goodies in.

#2) Homemade candy labels with creepy names - For a wedding shower, incorporate names related to weddings (Bride's Bones, Groom's Teeth, etc.)

#3) White Pumpkins- I LOVE white pumpkins and Shelley from House of Smiths painted them herself.

#4) Spanish Moss used under the candy containers, on the shelves, in the stand under the white pumpkin, and many other places to create an eerie feel.

#5) White plates with amazing black-vinyl decals that Shelley designs herself - (check out the decals here)

#6) Incredibly cute green potion bottle with Drink Me tag - you could label it Love Potion No. 9 to make it more wedding showerish.

#7) Black wire bird cage with crow - something about crows gives me the creeps

#8) Halloween framed Subway Art that Shelley created herself!

#9) Fright Garland that is ever so clever and once again, handmade by Shelley of House of Smiths!

#10) Budget Friendly!!! Just about all of the items used were from thrift stores, dollar store, or found cheaply at Michaels.

Hop on over to House of Smiths blog for all the DIY details.

Thanks so much to Shelley from House of Smiths for letting us share all the spooky details!

More Wicked Wedding Shower Ideas.....

halloween decorating ideas

  • Add veils to witches to create Wicked Brides
  • Carve the bride and groom-to-be's initials into pumpkins to use as decorations
  • Serve Vampire Blood (red wine) , Witches Brew (spiced apple cider), or Bloody Mary's
  • Drape white sheets over furniture to create a haunting feel
  • For food, serve up some haunting Halloween chili with a side of bones. Make up a batch of your favorite chili and serve breadsticks along side.

Hope you are now inspired to throw the most amazingly

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Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

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