Fun bridal shower games for a couples shower

by Jamie
(New York)

Some ideas for games to play at couples showers:

Can you find the groom's legs?

Blindfold the bride. Then have all the men(including groom) sit in chairs and roll their pant legs up. Have the bride go down the line, feeling each man's legs. She must try to find her groom's legs.

This game is hilarious and fun to watch!

Another good couples game is to play a version of "The Newlywed Game." You can make all the questions about the bride and groom if you want.
Have the men and women couple up.Have about 5 questions for the men and 5 for the women. Have the men leave the room when the women are being asked the questions and vice versa. Come up with points for each question and the couple with the most points wins!

Both super fun bridal shower games!!!

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