Fruits and Vegetables Bridal Shower Game

by Taylor
(Palmdale, Ca)

Fruits and Vegetables Bridal Shower Game

This is such a fun shower game to play!

Make up some sheets that have this 'love story' on it (enough for each guest) - leave the fruit and vegetable names blank (replace them with a line so they can fill in the blank)

Pass out a sheet to each guest and give everyone 2 minutes to fill in the blanks with popular fruit and vegetable names.

The player with the most correct wins a prize!

Fruits and Vegetables Love Poem

My Love,

First, I want you to know that my heart (beets)
only for you. If you (carrot) all for me, then
why not ask your parents if they will (lettuce)
get married. Since we (cantaloupe), I suppose
you will want a big church wedding. Everyone
knows I am (plum) mad about you. I am sure we
would make a happy (pear). Please do not (squash)
my hopes, because it is my love, like I have for you,
that makes a (mango) crazy. You have been the (apple)
of my eye so long, and my love for you is as
strong as an (onion). I trust you will never
(turnip) your nose at me. If you do so there is
only one thing that I could do. I would go to
the nearest river (endive) in!!

All My Love,

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Mar 03, 2018
Baby shower NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know the baby shower version of this

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