The Top 10 Free Bachelorette Party Games

Free Bachelorette Party Games

Conservative or wild, every bachelorette party needs fun games!

We have come up with some of the most entertaining and crazy games! We want to pass them onto you so you can make the bachelorette's night, a night to remember! No party needs to cost a ton either, so here are our top 10 free bachelorette party games...

1)Scavenger Hunt- This is a fun one if you plan on going out for the night. Make a list of things the bachelorette must collect while out. Some ideas are: boxers, phone number of a guy, condom...

2)To-Do List- Another fun one if you are going out...Make up a list of things the bachelorette must do while out. To make it fun for everyone, you could make all the ladies participate in the fun and give them the same list to complete! Some examples are: get a guy to buy you a shot, dance with a bald guy, hug the bartender or waiter...

3)I Never- This game can get you into trouble! Go around the room and one person will start by saying something they've never done before. If anyone has done it, they must drink. Once everyone gets a little alcohol in them, the game gets a little more interesting by what people start admitting. Some good "I Nevers": I never peed in the shower, I never cheated on a boyfriend... (If playing a non-drinking game, hold up five fingers and if you've done it, put a finger down, the last person with fingers up, wins!

4)Truth or Dare- Take a step back into time by playing truth or dare - the game everyone loved to play at their childhood slumber parties! Who wouldn't love a classic game of truth or dare for a bachelorette party?!

5)Buck-A-Suck- This one takes a little more creativity...get a plain white tank top, t-shirt, or whatever you choose and sew lifesavers all over it! In the middle of the shirt write "Buck-A-Suck." Have the bachelorette wear it and while out, guys must pay a buck to eat one of the lifesavers off the shirt!!! If the lifesaver is in a "risque" spot on the shirt... charge more! Fun time for all!

6)How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette?- This is a great ice-breaker game if all the ladies don't know eachother well. Make a list of questions for everyone to answer about the bachelorette. Depending on the mood of the party, you can make them funny, relationship/sex related, or just general questions. The person with the most right wins!

7)Pin the Penis on the Man- A "naughty" spin on an old classic! There are many party kits out there you can buy but if free bachelorette party games is what you're looking for, you can make it yourself! Just cut-out a manly looking figure out of some poster board or other paper. Then cut a penis figure out. Blindfold each guest and have them try to pin the penis on the man! Closest one wins!

8) ABC's of Alcohol- Have each guest right the letters A-Z down the side of a piece of paper. Set a timer for a time you choose and have each person write an alcohol that begins with each letter. The one with that thinks of the most in the time given wins...or is an alcoholic!

9) Penis-Doh- Give each person some play-doh. Give them 2 minutes to sculpt the best penis they possibly can. After the time is up, have everyone vote on the best penis!

10) Who's Panties - Give each guest the bachelorette's panty size before the party. Have each person buy and bring a pair of panties in the bachelorette's size to the party. Keep it a secret and hang the panties on a clothesline or string. Everyone tries to guess who brought which panties and the one who guesses the most right, wins! Although this isn't a totally free bachelorette party game, have the bachelorette keep the additional gift needed!

Well there you have our top-10-free-bachelorette party games! No matter the style of the party, there's a game for everyone to enjoy!

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