Fortune Cookie Favors

by Shannon

Fortune Cookie Favors

Fortune Cookie Favors

See where to buy these cute fortune cookies

"How 'Fortunate' They Are to Have Met" Zip over to your local Chinese restaurant and pick some up fortune cookies.

Dip the cookies into melted chocolate (You can use milk chocolate melting chips or vanilla ones - if using vanilla, put in some food coloring to match the wedding colors!).

You don't have to dip the entire cookies in, just enough to get it half covered. Lay the cookies onto waxed paper or tin foil. Jazz them up by adding sprinkles, chopped nuts, or crushed peppermint to the cookies before they dry.

Once dry, take the cookies and package them nicely into Chinese take-out boxes (found at the dollar store or any party store) - place 2-3 cookies per box. You can also add colored crinkled paper strips for cushioning.

Attach a favor tag saying: "How 'Fortunate' They Are to Have Met"

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