Flavors of the Valley Cake

by Kim Britt
(Oakdale, CA U.S.A)

Flavors of the Valley Cake

Flavors of the Valley Cake

Flavors of the Valley Cake Flavors of the Valley Cake Flavors of the Valley Cake Flavors of the Valley Cake

This is a cake representing the local "flavors" found within the California Central Valley. The basket would be stacks of cake covered in red fondant on the top and brown fondant strips on the sides dry painting in brown to give it a little bit of a wood effect. The tomatoes on top are made of fondant and were attached with a little Tylose and water.

Both the Pepsi can and wine bottle are a mixture of gum paste and fondant that I wrapped around a corn starch covered can and bottle to let dry in the necessary shape. I did the tops and bottoms separately and "glued" them together with water and tylose. On the bottle I did a separate piece of fondant/gum paste and attached it as the label in front. In this picture the bottle and can are hollow inside. The pepsi pouring out is rock candy colored brown. I poured one long strip and let dry, then a lot of dribbles. Once they were dry, I took the long strip, held it over the burner on the stove and let it melt just enough to allow me to mold it. I then draped it over a round container to give it the shape I needed. The drops bouncing back up were the dribbles I made and again held over the flame to get soft which allowed me to "glue" it into position. Both the bottle and can are hand painted.

The cheese on top would be layered cake covered in fondant with small indents cut out giving it a little more "cheesy" effect. There are Jordan almonds and plain almonds on the ground are both made out of fondant. The grapes are also made out of purple fondant.

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