Top 10 Engagement Party Ideas

engagement party ideas

Engagement Party Ideas

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's time to celebrate - the amazing couple just got engaged! It's time to throw them a celebratory party!

Engagement parties are often overlooked and they definitely shouldn't be. The engagement party is a great way to announce the engagement to family and friends and gets the ball rolling for all the wedding planning to come.

How do you you throw an engagement party? Check out our tips below!

"Top 10 Engagement Party Ideas

#1) Hosting Etiquette- Following tradition, the bride-to-be's parents host the engagement party. Since tradition has pretty much gone out the door, anyone that wants to host it - can! Just remember, the bride-to-be's parents should be considered first. Many times, this is the first meeting between the bride and groom-to-be's families.

#2) When? The party should be held right after the couple is engaged, of course. Many couples keep it a secret until then.

#3) Guests- Since this is a more intimate affair, close friends and relatives should be the ones on the guest list. Engagement parties are more low key - a time for the couple to celebrate with the people who are close to them.

#4) Invites or not? You can make the party as formal or informal as you'd like. A great way to start would be with invitations. A more informal approach - a word of mouth invite or maybe an e-vite. Opting for more formal - a custom invitation.
* Whichever you choose - make sure to let the guests know at least 3 weeks before.

#5) Theme- No need for a theme for an engagement party but if you are a theme junkie - choose something generic. Maybe Mexican, Hawaiian, or just a Love themed party. Another fun idea - the decade in which the couple grew up....60's, 70's, or 80's!

#6) Food- Light appetizers and drinks are perfectly acceptable. No need for a sit down meal at an engagement party. If you want to go all out and serve a meal - go ahead! No rules apply but you may want to let the guests know what will be served on the invitation.

#7) Drink! Depending on the couple's likes and your budget, alcohol is usually served at the party. No need for mixed drinks. Simply serve beer, wine - and champagne for toasting! The bride-to-be's father usually does a toast officially announcing the engagement. The couple should also toast to everyone, thanking them for coming.

#8) Decorations- Extravagant decorations are unnecessary. Stick with simple floral arrangements and some pictures of the newly engaged couple.

#9) Favors- Once again, favors aren't necessary either. If you want to hand something out to the guests, save-the-date magnets would be an excellent option. Of course the couple would need to have their wedding date already nailed down!

#10) Gifts- Gifts are not to be expected at the engagement party. Maybe a small token like a bottle of wine or flowers would be given. Often couples request no gifts on the invitation.

Engagement parties are a great way to congratulate the couple. Keep it simple, fun, and all about the couple! Now that you are loaded with great engagement party ideas - Happy Planning To You!

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