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"Don't Say It Game"

A safe, non-corny game that everyone will enjoy!

easy bridal shower games

Easy Bridal Shower Games 

Got a good mix of people coming to the shower and want to please everyone? This is the game to play! It's easy, won't embarrass the bride-to-be and the guests will get to know each other while playing.

Supplies Needed:

  • A chalkboard or dry erase board to right the "Rules of the Game" on
  • Chalk or Marker
  • Clothespins (2 per guest)
  • Printable Bride and Wedding tags to glue to clothespins  - (you could also just write the words "Bride" and "Wedding" on the clothespins)
  • Prize for the winner!

DIY Chalkboard

Don't have a chalkboard? No problem, you can easily make one! Grab an old picture frame, mirror or even a piece of wood - transform it into a chalkboard using chalkboard spray paint! So easy!

Game Setup:

  • Glue or Modge Podge the "Wedding" and "Bride"  tags to the clothespins (printable in above link)
  • Clip the clothespins to the board or have in a basket for the guests to easily grab.
  • As the guests arrive, have the rules of the game displayed (on chalkboard, dry erase board or however you see fit) so that they will see it as they walk in.

Rules of Play (What to Write on the Board) :

  1. Please take two pins; 1 Wedding, 1 Bride
  2. Don't say the words "Wedding" or "Bride" during the shower or you will lose your pin to the guest that catches you
  3. Don't forget to steal the pins of others if they say the words too.
  4. Guest with the most pins at the end of the shower - Wins a cute PRIZE!

Printable Rules and Tags can be found here!

"Don't Say It" Game Variations:

There are many different ways you can play this game. Change the "Don't Say Words" to anything you think would be best - maybe the bride's name or groom's. Some even play you can't get caught crossing your legs or you will lose your pin - customize it anyway you'd like!

More Easy Bridal Shower Games:

  • Have the guests write special "Words of Wisdom Cards" for the bride to be. Once done, randomly draw a card and the guest's card you draw - wins a prize! - You can also attach a sticker to the bottom of a plate and whoever has the plate with the sticker - gets a prize.

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