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sayings on eggs - perfect for a Spring shower...

decorations for bridal shower

DIY Decorations For Bridal Shower

Cheesy, ordinary bridal shower decorations are everywhere. Think outside the norm and create your own, easy, inexpensive bridal shower decorations all by yourself - with a little help from us of course. :)

This idea was first seen at a baby shower but it's perfect for a bridal shower as well. A Spring bridal shower or even a "Love Bird" themed shower would be perfect for these cuties to make an appearance.

There's even a clever way to make the eggs into a favor (see below).

Okay, here are all the easy DIY details:

decorations for bridal shower


  • Regular chicken eggs (use however many eggs you want to make ...switch it up a bit and add some brown eggs to the mix - we have some blue eggs because that's what are chickens lay)

  • Rub-on words/sayings related to weddings or love (found in the scrapbook section of craft stores)

  • Popsicle stick (one usually comes in the rub-on word pack)

  • Needle (the one pictured is for upholstery but an ordinary needle will do)

  • Scissors

  • Small bowl

Now the Step-by-Step Instructions For These DIY Decorations For Bridal Shower:

decorations for bridal shower

Step #1 - With the needle, gently poke a small home in the top of the egg. Gradullay make the hole a little bit bigger by moving the needle around the edges of the poked hole.

decorations for bridal shower

(The hole on top of the egg should be about this big.)

Step #2 - Now flip the egg over and poke an ever so small hole in the bottom of the egg. This is just for air flow so make the hole as small as possible.

Step #3 - Now the fun begins - flip the egg back over and start shaking the egg over the small bowl so all the contents of the egg come out.

Step #4 - Once the inside of the eggs is empty, rinse the inside of the egg with water until completely clean.

(Sorry, somehow missed taking pictures of the fun steps!)

decorations for bridal shower

Step #5 - Cut a saying/word from the sheet using your scissors. Place the saying on the egg and rub the saying/word on using the popsicle stick.

*Some of the rub-ons were easier to use on eggs than others. Buy a few different packs in case you have trouble too.

decorations for bridal shower

Cutest, inexpensive decorations for bridal shower and best of all, made by you!

Place the eggs in nests and display on tabletops - make personalized eggs, place them in egg cups and use in place of seating cards. So many possibilities, just use your imagination.

Take your eggs a step further and turn them into favors!

Step #1- Melt some chocolate (chocolate chips work well) and using a small funnel or a measuring cup with small spout, pour the melted chocolate into the hole on top of the egg until completely full. Before pouring chocolate, place a piece of tape on the bottom hole just in case.

Step #2- Place the eggs in the refigerator to harden.

decorations for bridal shower

Hand them out to the guests to take home - they'll have fun cracking them to get to the chocolate - I did!

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