Top 10 Ways to "Show-Off"
Your Cute Cupcakes

Displaying Your Cute Cupcakes

There has been such a boom in the cupcake industry! You've figured out how to decorate your cupcakes, now you need a way to show them off!

There are so many amazing ways to display your cupcakes. We have found our favorites and want to pass our knowledge on to you! Get ready to be armed with the most chic and eye-catching cupcake displays!

Our Top 10 Ways to "Show-Off" Your Cute Cupcakes:

1) The Cupcake Tree- The trees are usually made out of silver coated metal and can hold from 13 to 38 cupcakes! You place each cupcake in its own individual stand and voila, instant way to display your cute cupcakes! They are sold at craft stores, party stores, and just about everywhere else!

2) Cake Stands- You probably have many cake stands lying around your house already - so why not use them to display your cupcakes? Depending on the amount of cupcakes you have - you can stack your cake stands on top of eachother to accomodate the cupcakes. If the cake stands aren't too fancy, add some ribbon around the edges to add some style!

3) Cute Wedding Shapes- Arrange the cute cupcakes into a heart, flower, or some other wedding related shape! You need to use some brain power with this one - frost them all the different colors that would make the shape pop! For example, if you wanted to make a flower, you would need to frost some the petal color, the inside of the flower color, and the stem and leaves color. Then just arrange on a table. Cute and inexpensive.

4) Cupcake Tower- Many weddings are shifting to the tiered cupcake wedding cake instead of the traditional wedding cake. So amaze your guests and have a cupcake tower at the bridal shower! You can buy them pre-made or make your own. They are usually made of wood, plastic or cardboard and range in 3 to 5 tiers depending on the amount of cupcakes. To make your own just get a few cake stands and cake dummies and assemble. Glue some pretty ribbon around the edges, cute contact paper over the stands, and you have a one-of-a-kind cupcake tower! (Click here to view our "Top 10 Favorite Cupcake Tower Cakes")

5) Boxes, bricks, or phone books...oh my! Simply drape some fun fabric over different levels of boxes, bricks, or phone books to create an eye-appealing look. Place cupcakes on each level and you have a dramatic display everyone will be wondering about!

6) Cupcake Bouquet- Create a fun flower-looking bouquet out of cupcakes! Buy an already made cupcake bouquet or add your own unique style by creating your own. To make your own: Frost and decorate your cupcakes - choose a cute flower pot - cut a stryofoam ball(you could also use a half-head of cabbage) in half and place in pot - twist two toothpicks into the bottom of each cupcake and remove - place the toothpicks into styrofoam and then place cupcake into already made holes - repeat for each cupcake until you have your complete bouquet!

7) Individual Cupcake Pedastals- Make each cupcake "stand out!" Many companies make individual cupcake pedastals so you can arrange the pedastals on the table to make an instant centerpiece and have a holder for each cupcake at the same time! Make your own by using a candlestick and attaching a small plate or saucer to the top with epoxy.

8) Tiered Appetizer- If you have a tiered appetizer serving tray....use it to display the cupcakes! Super chic and convenient.

9) Cardstock!- Once again cardstock is your friend! Cut some cardstock into fun shapes and use it to compliment your cupcakes! Place each cupcake onto the cardstock like a coaster. Arrange on the table and all the guest will be talking!

10) Serving Tray- Do you have a special serving tray that you always reserve for a "special occasion"? Well it's time to pull it out! Whether it's wooden, silver, or something funky - cupcakes will look great on it!

Simply fun and unique ways to display your cute cupcakes for the bridal shower you're throwing. It's "all about the presentation" and we hope you enjoyed our "Top 10 Ways to Show-Off Your Cute Cupcakes!" Happy Arranging!"

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