Top 10 Couples Bridal Shower Tips

Couples Bridal Shower Tips

Does your bride-to-be want a co-ed bridal shower? Couples Showers or Jack 'n Jill Showers are becoming more common and are a bit more relaxed than the traditional bridal shower.

We have come up with some important factors to think about when hosting a couples bridal shower and we would like to prepare you with all the info! From games to etiquette, here is what you need to know...

1) Theme: Usually at a couples shower there really is no theme. It's more of a big party than a shower. If you want to make a theme out of it, here are some good ones that men might enjoy too: Sports, Barware, Around the House, or make it theme of where they are spending their honeymoon.

2) Favors: Since a couples shower is more laid back, there is no need for any fancy favors. If you want to pass out favors- think about what men would like as well. Edible favors or personalized favors would be the way to go!

3) Games: As you know most men do not enjoy playing games so they probably wouldn't like playing the traditional bridal shower games. Stick with outdoor games...maybe a game of baseball or croquet. Board games are also another fun option!

4) Invitations: Because couples bridal showers are becoming popular, fun invitations are not hard to find. Many of the big retailers and online vendors are carrying them. There are many clever couples shower poems too! Make sure you get the detailed list of all the men and women to invite from the bride and groom-to- be.

5) Venue: There are many great options when it comes to where to have the couples shower. Couples showers do tend to run a bit larger than the traditional shower, so a bigger venue might be needed. Restaurants, a backyard, banquet room, or even at the couple's favorite bar! If planning it at a restaurant or bar make sure you call a week or two in advance and reserve tables.

6) Food: Think hearty ! Barbecuing, sandwiches, pizza, or even having a potluck are all great ideas. Nothing too fancy! Keep the cake simple too - a traditional chocolate or white cake would please all. Or maybe skip the cake all together and serve donuts or a pie!

7) Drink: Alcohol is common at couples bridal showers - and the type of alcohol to serve is a bit more simple if men are involved! Beer and cocktails are usually what makes them happy and the ladies enjoy them too! If alcohol is not the couple's thing - stick with pop, punch, and water.

8) Entertainment: Games are usually the entertainment at traditional bridal showers. Since this is more of an untraditional type of shower - load up your i-pod and get the party dancing! You can also higher a band or DJ but that gets expensive. Everyone loves to dance and it's an easy way to entertain the guests.

9) Gifts: The gifts can have a theme to them or not...just make sure to include it on the invitation if you decide to have a theme. Some great themes for gifts at a couples shower would be: electronics, barware, honeymoon oriented, or even giftcards or money. The bride-to-be usually opens the gifts - so maybe turn a game on the TV to keep the men occupied!

10) Etiquette: Since couples bridal showers are more of a big party, there isn't a great deal of etiquette. Anyone can host; friend, co-worker, attendant, relative. Some people think it's tacky to have a close relative host - but that tradition has just about gone out the door! You still want to invite those invited to the wedding as well. Men and women from both sides can be invited...that's what makes a couple's shower so much fun! Just because it is called a "couple's shower" does not mean the guests have to be couples.

These are our Top 10 Tips for hosting a successful couples bridal shower! Hope you are armed and ready to plan a party to remember by all. Couples showers, or as they are now calling them Jack 'n Jill showers, are a great way to include everyone. If your bride-to-be is down to skip the "traditional" bridal shower - a couples shower is the way to go!

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