China Cake

by Felicia

China Cake

China Cake

I made this cake for my sister's going away party. She was, surprise, surprise, moving to China.

1. 1st I made the flowers (dogwoods) 3 days before hand. They were made from gum aste. Once dried, I painted them with luster dust and set them aside.

2. The cake itself is a two tiered 9" & 7") dark chocolate cake with a rasberry and dark chocolate filling (yummy)

3. I covered the cake in red fondant then added a black fondant trim.

4. Once the trim was in place I added the china fan topper.

5. The dogwood branch is made of dark brown fondant. I started at the bottom of the cake and worked my way up to the top of the fan.

6. Now it was time for the flowers which were attached with royal icing.

7. I made a stencil of the symbol for Peace (at least I hope that was it), cut it out of black fondant and placed 2 on the bottom tier and 1 on the top tier.

And then I had my China Cake

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