Top 10 Hip Yet Cheap Bridal Shower Favors

Hip Yet Cheap Bridal Shower Favors

Looking for some inexpensive ways to create the perfect favor to hand out to guests?

We have come up with super cute, classy, yet still cost-effective bridal shower favors! Many of the favors are "do-it-yourself" favors but there are many "shortcuts" to take if time is limited.

Our "Top 10 Hip Yet Cheap Bridal Shower Favors" are:

1) Candy, Candy, Candy!: Making your own candy is inexpensive and fun at the same time! Go to your local craft store and purchase candy melts and a cute mold and you are on your way to making remarkable candy everyone will enjoy. To save even more, consider making caramels to pass out - no melts or mold needed! Pick up some wax paper to wrap the caramels or tissue paper for the candy, add some ribbon and you have a super yummy favor! Not feeling so crafty? Package up some chocolate kisses in the wedding colors!

2) Cookie Extravaganza: Bake up some of the bride-to-be's favorite cookies, package them in a take-out container (found at craft stores), add a tag with a cute saying or the recipe and there you have it! If you aren't a baker - pick up some "wedding themed" cookie cutters, attach a cookie recipe, and you have a clever yet low-cost favor!

3) Relaxing Bath Salts: Make your own bath salts! Using epsom salt and/or sea salt add your favorite essential oil and you have a luxurious favor! Package in a cute glass jar or vellum bag, add some raffia or ribbon and everyone will love it!

4) "Thinkin' Green": Give back to the planet and to your guests at the same time! Pass out seed packets as a favor. To add some spunk to the packets, create some labels to go around the seed packets out of some simple paper. Add a clever saying, bride's name, and date of the shower. You could even place the packet in a small tera cotta pot.

5) Sudsy Soap: Everyone loves a sweet smelling soap! Why not make your own soap to hand out? There are many soap-making kits out there or you could even look up a recipe online - add your favorite scent and you'll have a hit! Wrap in elegant paper or a cute bag!

6) Mixed CD: To make the favor a bit more personal - create a CD of some of the bride-to-be's favorite songs. Get a cute picture of the bride and groom-to-be to put on front of the CD and you have a favor that will last forever. Meaningful and cheap bridal shower favors!

7) Homemade Jam: Super cheap and delicious! Make a batch of your favorite jam, put in small mason jars, place some fancy fabric over the top and secure with lid and ribbon. Add a label if you'd like - simple and sweet favor idea!

8) Tea Time: Yes, you can make your own tea! Dry out your favorite herbs, place in tea bags, place the bags in a cute little tea cup for everyone to enjoy!

9) Bracelets: Feeling a bit crafty? Pick up some stringing cable, clasps and beads at a craft or bead store. Make it personal by choosing beads in the wedding colors - you could even add beads in the bride's initials and/or wedding or shower date.

10) Long-Lasting Candles: Making candles is super easy and inexpensive. Go to your local craft store and get some wax, wicks, and your favorite scent. Follow the melting directions for the wax. Find a cute tin to use or you could even recycle old altoid tins. Decorate the tin with some fancy paper, add the bride-to-be's name and the date of the shower!

There is no need to go all out and spend a bunch of money on favors! While favors are not necessary at all, it is a nice gesture for your guests. You can still make a favor have meaning and be elegant, while sticking within your budget. We hope you have some great ideas to make your favors cost a little less with the cheap bridal shower favors we came up with!

Here are some super cute ideas to package your DIY favors - they come from our trusted afilliate friends!

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