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Perfect Sayings To Add To The Cake!

bridal shower wording

Bridal Shower Wording For Cakes

Looking for the perfect words to add some humor or love to the cake? Well, look no further! We have found some of the best wording ideas and these sentiments are sure to add a smile to the bride-to-be's face on shower day!

Top 10 Favorite Wording For Bridal Shower Cakes

  1. Officially Off the Market

  2. She's Taking The Plunge

  3. Congratulations to the Future Mrs. ___

  4. The Best Is Yet To Come

  5. Showers of Happiness For _____

  6. Best Wishes as _____
    goes from Miss to Mrs.

  7. The Search is Over!

  8. ...and they lived happily ever after.

  9. (Bride's name) + (Groom's name) = True Love

  10. Believe it or not,
    _____'s tying the knot!

And there you have our 'Top 10 Wording Ideas for Bridal Shower Cakes' If you have any favorites to add to our list, please share them with us!

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