Bridal Shower Wishing Well....

A Classic Theme Revisited

Bridal Shower Wishing Well

Having a wishing well at a bridal shower is an old tradition meant to "wish the new couple well" with small gifts.

It started with having a replica of a wishing well at the shower and having guests bring something to place into the wishing well. The wishing well gifts are usually useful gifts that couples need around the house but are usually forgotten. Guests usually bring another gift in addition to the wishing well gift since those gifts are smaller.

If you decide to have a bridal shower wishing well here are some helpful tips:

  • Now days people are opting for a more useful wishing well container like a basket, flower pot, fun bowl, or any other container that may go along with the theme of the shower. There is no need to have an actual wishing well. If you decide you would like a replica of a wishing well, many online retailers sell wishing wells.
  • There can be a theme to the gifts if you'd like. Some fun themes are kitchen, bathroom, honeymoon, garden - some even opt for words of wisdom instead of gifts.

  • Does the couple need some cash for their honeymoon? Why not make the wishing well a money well? Have the guests bring money to contribute to the wishing well - no additional gift needed!
  • Make sure to include the wishing well details on the invitation. Let them know if there is a theme to the gifts as well.
  • Here's a fun way to let the guests know there will be a wishing well...include this little rhyme on the invite:

    Spices, detergents, and trinkets galore,
    There’s never enough - we always need more!
    Please bring one favorite item for our special bride-to-be
    Wrap it in tissue, remember no names please, we won’t tell
    It’s just a sweet little surprise for her Wishing Well!
  • The wishing well can be used as the centerpiece too! Decorate to follow the theme.

A bridal shower wishing well is a fun way to shower the couple with a little something extra. Enjoy!

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