Top 10 Bridal Shower Verses

....cute rhymes to use on invitations for a themed shower!

Bridal Shower Verses

Throwing a bridal shower with a theme to it - not sure how to word the invitation? We have found some of the most clever and fun ways to word themed shower invitations.

Some of these rhymes can even be used on favors, gifts, or even placed in a frame for decoration at the shower. From a tea party to a lingerie shower - we have the right verse to use.

"Top 10 Bridal Shower Verses For Themed Showers"

#1) Tea Party/Luncheon Verse

It's Tea Time!

A bit of tea
to sip and see
the radiant smile
of the bride-to-be!

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#2) Stock the Bar Verse

Soon (bride) and (groom)
will no longer be single
So let's get together
to mix and mingle
Please join us for a Stock the Bar Shower...

#3) Lingerie Shower Verse

Could be leather, or maybe lace
choose something sassy
to please (bride)'s taste!

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#4) Around-the-Clock Verse

A shower we're having
for the new husband and wife,
for the things they may need
as they begin their new life.

A 'Round the Clock Shower
to help them get set,
The clock shows the hour
for the gift you should get!

* You can add a picture of a clock on the invitation showing the hour - or simply put your hour is ____.

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#5) Recipe/Kitchen Shower Verse

(Bride) loves to cook
so please give her a recipe from your book.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner for two
When she cooks it - she will think of you!

*Include a cute recipe card in the invitation for them to fill out!

#6) Around The House Verse

Let's fill their house from room to room
with much needed things like a mop or broom
Or pretty things like a lamp or vase
Let's make their home a pretty place

Please join us for a 'Round the House Shower honoring
(bride) and (groom).

Bring a gift for (name of room).

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#7) Honeymoon/Cash Shower Verse

(Groom) and (Bride) will be sailing away.
Honeymoons are expensive, so let's help pay.
(Host) and (Hostess) are throwing a bash,
In lieu of gifts please donate some cash.

#8) Linen Bridal Shower Verse

Hand towels, wash cloths
pillows and more...
Let's shower (Bride)
with linenes galore!

#9) Couples Shower

Something for her
Something for him
Or maybe something
for the both of them!

His and Hers Shower

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#10) ABC/Alphabet Shower Verse

(Bride) and (Groom) will need a few things,
Before the excahnge their wedding rings.
An A-B-C shower, what could be better,
Just bring a gift that starts with this letter.

Your letter is ___.

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Fun, hip bridal shower verses to set the mood for the shower. Throwing a themed shower is always a great idea - now you are loaded with great wording to go along with the theme. Enjoy!

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