Top 10 Bridal Shower Trivia Game Ideas

Bridal Shower Trivia Game Ideas

Every bridal shower needs a fun trivia game! Whether you want to embarass the bride-to-be or just test the guests' knowledge - there's a trivia game for you!

We've sorted through all the old, boring games - and have come up with some new and exciting trivia game ideas! Expect to hear some loud laughter with these games!

"Our Top 10 Bridal Shower Trivia Game Ideas"

1) Bride and Groom Trivia- Compile a list of about 15-20 questions about the bride and groom. (Some examples: How they met? How many kids do they want? Where was their first date?) The guest who answers the most right wins! Perfect for a couples shower.

2) Marriage/Relationship Facts- Test the guests by finding some interesting marriage/relationships facts and see if they can come up with the answers. Find about 15 or so relationship facts. (Examples: Average age a woman marries? What each anniversary symbolizes? Average time a married couple are intimate a month?)

3) Who Know The Bride Best? Jot down some questions about the bride, about 15-20, and see who knows her best! (Examples: Favorite food? If she could live anywhere, where would it be? Her biggest fear?) You could ask even juicier questions depending on the atmosphere of the shower!

4) Famous TV Couples- Think of about 20 famous TV couples and only write down their last names. The guests will have to come up with all of their first names! Tricky but lots of fun! Give them about 5 minutes and the guest with the most right - wins!

5) Who Am I? In each invitation you send, enclose a note card for each guest. On the invite, tell the guest to write a memory they had with the bride-to-be. Have them bring it to the shower but not to inlcude their name on the card. At the shower, you'll read each card and the bride has to guess who wrote it! Great ice-breaker game and good times reminiscing! No prize needed.

6) How Well Does The Bride Really Know The Groom? So this is one you'll probably embarass the bride-to-be with! Have her sit in the center of the room. Have the groom's mother, sister, or other close relative come up with some questions about the groom to grill the bride with. Watch her squirm! If you want to add prizes to the mix, get some small prizes and each time the bride gets a question right - she gets a prize. Every time she gets one wrong - pick a guest's name out of a hat and they win a prize!

7) Wedding Song Trivia- Give each guest a piece of paper and pen. Play clips of love songs and the guests will have to come up with the title of each song. The guest with the most right wins!

8) Name That Tool- This game is great for a couples shower! Guaranteed laughter! Have about 15 tools. Give each woman a piece of paper and pen. Hold up one tool at a time and have each woman guess the tool's name. The woman with the most right wins! A game that will be sure to entertain the men!

9) Match The Mates- Make a list of 15 animals species in one column and the next column , in mixed order, will have their female/male names for each species. Have them connect a line to the right mates. (example:first column = chicken / second column= rooster,hen - first column = deer / second column = doe,buck)

10) Unique Bridal Shower Trivia Game

These bridal shower trivia game ideas will guarantee a good time! Remember to have some prizes on hand to give to the winners!

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