Top 10 Lingerie Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

When planning a lingerie shower, think romance. From the decorations to the food, a romantic feel is what it's about. Lingerie showers are meant to stock the bride-to-be with sexy, feminine attire for her soon to be husband to enjoy. Let the "sexiness" run throughout the shower.

The shower can be as naughty or as nice as you'd like. Just remember who will be on the guest list - you don't want to embarass anyone, especially the bride-to-be.

Here are some fabulous ways to make your lingerie bridal shower a shower to remember...

'Top 10 Lingerie Bridal Shower Theme Ideas'

  • When it comes to decorations for a lingerie bash, satin and lace are a must. Drape them over tables and walls for an instant romantic feel.
  • Roses and ranunculus in a simple vase make perfect centerpieces. After all, they are the flowers of love.
  • For lighting, use candles and soft-colored paper lanterns. Hang the lanterns from the ceiling, light the candles and you will have the perfect intimate setting for a lingerie shower.
  • The other day we stumbled upon this fabulous find from Victoria's Secret. Panty cupcakes - a cupcake made out of panties...pure genius! They would make a great favor or prize. Unfortunately they are no longer offering them but this gives you an idea on how to make them.
  • lingerie bridal shower

  • What's on the menu for a lingerie bridal shower? Oh, aphrodisiac food of course! Oysters, asparagus, almonds, avocado, and don't forget chocolate.
  • Here's a cute cake idea for a lingerie bridal shower. This was sent in by one of our lovely readers. (Click here for all the cake details)

  • Lingerie shaped sugar cookies are everywhere now days. They make perfect favors or would be great to have out for everyone to enjoy during the shower.
  • Keep the games lingerie related as well. Here's a fun game - Honeymoon Panties Bridal Shower Game.

  • The invitation sets the mood of the shower. So a lingerie themed invitation is what you must do. Make sure to include that it will be a lingerie shower so the guests know which type of gift to purchase.
  • Check out this invitation from our friends at

    bridal shower invitations

  • Need a cute saying for the invitation? Here's one we enjoy:

    She'll be tossing out the cotton
    and making room for lace-
    If only we could be there
    to see the look on (groom's name) face!

    Please join us for a lingerie bridal shower honoring....

  • Now you have our juiciest secrets for hosting the perfect lingerie bridal shower. Naughty or nice - it will turn out just right!

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    Lingerie Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

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