Top 10 Bridal Shower Thank You Notes....

and all the etiquette that goes along with them!

Now that the shower is over... it's time to thank all the guests for the wonderful gifts.

Bridal shower thank you notes are a must and should be written from the heart. Here are our

'Top 10 Tips For Writing Bridal Shower Thank You Notes'...

  • Thank you notes should be handwritten and mailed (not hand delivered or emailed)

  • They should be sent as soon as possible....1-2 weeks after shower but NO later! But remember...a late note is better than no note!

  • The hostess of the shower should receive an "extra-special" thank you note for all her hard work. The day of the shower you should have given her a small "thank you" gift as well. Flowers or a gift card are all great options.

  • When writing the thank you notes, thank them for attending the shower too.

  • Make specific reference to the gift you received from them in the "thank you"...makes it more personal!

  • Use formal thank you notes or make your own!

  • They must be written by you, the bride-to-be. If having a couple's shower, the groom-to-be can have a part in the writing fun!

  • If there are many "thank you's" to write, split them up. Take it day by day until you are done. Drink a glass of wine and relax while writing....make it enjoyable.

  • If you received a monetary gift or gift card, write about how you will be using the money.

  • A thank you note wording example:

    Dear (guest's name),
    Thank you for coming to the shower and for the lovely (gift). It will (add a compliment about the gift, such as... match our bathroom beautifully). Your kindness is much appreciated.

    Love, (Warmest Regards or Sincerely work too)
    (Your Name)

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