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Bridal Shower Purse Game


The Bridal Shower Purse Game is the ultimate bridal shower game. If you were thinking of playing only one game at the shower - let this be the one!
Guests get to rip open their purses to find the objects on the list. Some objects will be things that you are likely to find in a purse and some will get you saying "Now, why would that be in a purse?" This game is hilarious and will get all the guests giggling. You will be amazed with what people actually have in their purses. The stranger the object, the more points it's worth. The game can be played individually or in groups.

This game comes with two versions; a "Nice" version (one you can play in front of grandma) - and a "Naughty" version ( a few items are a little risqué and might be more suitable for girlfriends).


What's Included in Your Order:

  • Printable 8.5" x 11" PDF versions of the game, Two versions included - "Naughty" & a "Nice" version - (you then can print off as many copies of the game as you need)
  • Rules of Play


Once you place your order, a link to the game will be INSTANTLY sent to your email for you to start printing right from home!

Save it to your computer and it will be yours to keep forever - use it for future bridal showers! 


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