Bridal Shower Purse Game - Purse Scavenger Hunt

by Dina

This game is hilarious and it is interesting to see what women actually carry in their purses.

Here's how the bridal shower purse games is played....

Start by making a list of objects that may be in a purse (ex. hairbrush, gum, lipstick, etc.) - give a point value to each object. For item that are likely found in a purse, give them a low point value like 1 point.

Things that aren't as likely put a higher point value on them (ex. diaper, deodorant, etc.) You can make them embarassing objects too (ex. condomn, birth control pills) - make these worth many points (10 or 20pts)!

Have about 30 or so objects on the list.

Have the guests play in teams or alone. Have them scour through their purses and start adding up the points of the objects they find in their purses that are also on the list. The person who gets the most points wins!

Give them 10 or so minutes to complete.

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