Bridal Shower Punch Recipes

In search of the "Perfect Punch?"
Below are the Top 10 Bridal Shower Punch Recipes.

Bridal Shower Punch

1) Citrus Shower Punch
2 Boxes Lemon Jello
2 Cups Hot Water
1 Can Pineapple Juice
1 Can Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
1 Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
2 Tbsp Almond Extract
1/2 Gallon Water
Mix above ingredients together.
When serving, add a 2-Liter of Ginger ale or 7-Up and let thaw. Garnish with orange slices and strawberries

2) Wedding Sangria (alcoholic)
For a super quick and extra-yummy punch with a little "kick", mix up some of our famous sangria!
2 Bottles White Wine
2 Cups Orange Juice
1/2 Cup Frozen Cranberry Juice Concentrate
1 Orange, Sliced Into Circles
1 Lemon, Sliced Into Circles
1 Lime, Sliced Into Circles
Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl and enjoy!

3) 5 Star-Champagne Sherbet Fizz (alcoholic)
1 two liter of Ginger Ale
1 bottle of Champagne
1 container of Orange or Raspberry Sherbet
Mix the 2 liquids together and add the sherbet at the end. Add sliced oranges or raspberries.

4) Hawaiian Island Rainbow Punch
2 (46 oz.) Cans Hawaiian Punch
1 Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, Made With 3 Cans Water
1 (2 Liter) Sprite or 7-Up, chilled
1/2 Gallon Rainbow Sherbet
Mix the liquids together in a punch bowl and add the sherbet at the end. Garnish with edible flowers (found in most supermarkets)

5) Pretty in Pink Bubbly Bridal Shower Punch
1 (12 ounce) Can Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate
1 (6 ounce) Can Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate
1 Gallon Cranberry Juice
2 Liters Ginger Ale
3-4 Cups Crushed Ice
In a punch bowl, mix lemonade concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate and cranberry juice. Add ice and the ginger ale.

6) Co-Ed Beer Limeade (alcoholic)
This recipe is wonderful and is perfect for a laid back co-ed bridal shower! We all know men love beer!
1 12 Ounce Can of Frozen Limeade
4-5 Cans of Beer (Corona tastes great)
Mix in a pitcher and slice some limes to go on top! Serve in mason jars!

7) Slushy Banana Punch
4 Ripe Bananas
2 Cups White Sugar
3 Cups Water
1 (46 fluid ounce) Can Pineapple Juice
2 (12 fluid ounce) Cans Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
1 (12 fluid ounce) Can Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
3 Cups Water
3 Liters Ginger Ale
Instructions: In a blender, combine bananas, sugar and 3 cups water. Blend until smooth. Pour into a large bowl and stir in pineapple juice. Blend in orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate and 3 cups water. Divide into 3 plastic containers and freeze until solid.
Remove from freezer 3 to 4 hours before serving. Using one portion at a time, place slush in a punch bowl and pour in 1 liter of ginger ale for each.
(this recipe is from Cheryld - it is sooo delicious...we had to share it with you)

8) Dreamsicle Honeymoon Punch
1 Quart Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Pints Orange Sherbet
1 Liter of Sprite or 7UP
1 Quart Cold Milk
Place the ice cream and sherbet in a nice punch bowl - pour the liquids over the top. Stir and serve.

9) Lime Vodka Punch (alcoholic)
2 Cups Lemon or Lime Flavored Vodka
2 (2 liter) Bottles Sprite or 7UP Soda
1/2 Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 Gallon Lime Sherbet
Mix the vodka and soda together. Add the ice cream and garnish with sliced lemons and limes.

10) Cran-Raspberry Champagne Spritzer (alcoholic)
64 oz. Bottle Chilled Cran-Raspberry Juice
2 (750 ml) Bottles Chilled Champagne
1 Qt. Club Soda
Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl. Stir gently to blend.

There you have it...All of our favorite Bridal Shower Punch Recipes!

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