Top 10 Bridal Shower Poems

Bridal Shower Poems


What would you like the bridal shower invitation to say? Or how about a clever saying for the favors or cake?

There are many traditional, unique, and fun words to add just the right amount of flair to the party! Here are some favorite poems for invitations, favors, cakes, or even to add to decorations...

The Top 10 Bridal Shower Poems

  • Before ____ becomes a Mrs.,
    let's shower her with love and good wishes.
  • Their love started with a kiss,
    and now it's come to this.

  • Love, joy, and beautiful things,
    are all the things a marriage brings.
  • We're all grown up
    but still giggling with glee
    as we gather to honor
    the cute bride-to-be.
  • Something old,
    Something new,
    Something borrowed,
    Something blue,
    We're having a shower
    and inviting you!
  • Best Wishes for the soon-to-be Mrs!
  • Star light, star bright,
    ____ has found her Mr. Right!
  • ____ is the luckiest girl in town.
    She's getting married to the greatest guy around.
    Let's shower her with some special gifts...
    It's a bridal shower you wouldn't want to miss! (Great for a lingerie shower)
  • A shower we're having
    for the new husband and wife
    for the things they may need
    as they begin their new life. (Works well for a couples shower)
  • Hearts and flowers, ribbons and lace,
    the look of love is on her face.
    A happy heart is hard to hide,
    this little lady will soon be a bride!

Those are our top 10 favorite poems! Hope you are loaded with sayings that have a slightly different edge than the traditional bridal shower wording you're used to. Happy Planning!

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Bridal Shower Poems

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bridal shower poems

Start the bride-to-be off right with some classic household supplies!

Purchase all the household items in the poem. As the poem is read, hand the bride-to-be the household products once they're mentioned. Have a laundry basket sitting beside her so she can place them in there - once the poem is finished, she will be loaded with useful supplies! Great gift idea!

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Looking For the Perfect Cake Wording?

bridal shower poems

Having a clever saying on the cake is a fun addition! Finding the right words isn't always easy - check out a few of our 'Top 10 Favorites' here...

Throwing a themed shower? We've got just the right  wording to let your guests know!

Tea parties, Around the Clock, Lingerie Shower, Couples Showers or Luncheons - we've got some fun poems to go with them all!

Find all the fun wording here!

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