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Bridal Shower Party Ideas - Ask the Experts

There are so many tips and tricks in the party planning industry that we decided to create a place on our site where we "Ask the Experts." That way we can stay on top of all the trends in the party world and pass them on to you - our fellow hosts and hostesses.

We will be interviewing everyone from event planners to professional bakers. Your burning questions will be answered soon enough!

bridal shower party ideas

(Sarah Pease - Photo courtesy of Blue Daisy Weddings )

Our first interview is with Sarah Pease, the Owner and Lead Planner of Brilliant Event Planning in New York City. Brilliant Event Planning offers wedding planning, proposal planning, and event planning services in the New York area, as well as worldwide. Sarah is also a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants.

We asked Sarah a little about herself and her advice on bridal shower party ideas and this is what she had to say:

How did you start in the party planning industry?

After working in the financial industry for many years, I chose to take what I'd learned and embrace my creative side.

What themes are "in" right now for bridal showers?

My favorite theme for bridal showers is one based around a food experience. Crepe-making parties or Iron Chef style competitions are both fun and interactive. Activities like cooking bring guests together so they get to know each other, and also make it possible to involve all age groups.

Are there any trends as far as decor for bridal showers right now?

Decor for bridal showers usually revolves around the theme. It can also be simply bright and colorful. A concept of "Love is Sweet," could be incorporated with candy used as both a decoration and a treat! Coordinating the decor, invitations and activities into the overall concept of the bridal shower encourages guests' imagination and makes for an event experience.

Any "hot" menu ideas?

Make-your-own food parties are a great way to go when planning a bridal shower. Setting up stations where guests can assemble treats such as ice cream sundaes are fun and allow room for creativity and mingling!

Any tips or trends for throwing a bridal shower this holiday season?

I believe bridal showers are moving away from the typical format of sitting in a circle and opening gifts. Hands-on activities where guests are treated to an experience while enjoying the company of the guest of honor are becoming increasingly more popular, making showers more fun!

Any other advice for the bridal shower hosts out there?

When hosting a bridal shower, one should be prepared for anything. Having extra food on hand is always helpful, making it easy to refill trays and bowls. I would also recommend planning more activities than necessary, in case there is a lull in the party. Also, don't skimp on the guest list, the more the merrier! Being prepared makes the day of the shower easier, which will make you a happier host!

Thanks so much to Sarah for taking the time to answer our questions! Hop on over to the Brilliant Event Planning website for more about their services and also check out their blog.

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