Top 10 Bridal Shower Menu Ideas


Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

What will you serve to all those beautiful – and hungry – guests at the bridal shower? While some bridal shower planners work their menu around a particular theme, there are certain stand-bys that always delight and please! Add a few of these to your bridal shower menu and your guests will be sure to enjoy. Remember to consider the time of day when planning your menu – will it be a luncheon, a dinner, a tea, or something in between?

1. Mini-Sandwiches: Stacks of mini-sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course!) are a surefire way to appease hungry tummies. Make a variety of flavors, such as tuna fish, ham-and-cheese, egg-salad, and peanut butter.

2. Mini-Quiches: These tasty treats are surprisingly easy to whip up. Follow your regular quiche recipe, replacing the pie shell for the mini-versions. You can add ham, bacon, asparagus, goat cheese, red peppers, or any other flavor to make your quiches extra-yummy!

3. Cupcakes: Who doesn’t love a delectable, individually portioned cupcake? Either make them yourself, or order them from a local bakery. The perfect dessert for a buffet style luncheon or a tea, cupcakes can be created in any flavor and color combination; making them the perfect addition to a bridal shower menu with a theme!

4. Cheese plate: What’s a lovely spread without a cheese plate? To showcase the flavors, serve no more than three or five different cheeses. Select cheeses with different consistencies and flavors, and add a few types of crackers, breads, and preserves to fill out the plate.

5. Party Punch: Whip up a batch of delicious party punch to wash everything down! Remember to make a non-alcoholic bowl as well if you decide to create a punch with a twist! Garnish the bowl with bits of lemon, orange, and strawberries for a punch that packs a punch!

6. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!: You can take chocolate to the next level by creating a bridal shower menu that’s all about this decadent treat! A Chocolate bridal shower menu is a fun way to add a bit of continuity to your menu: serve chocolate cupcakes, home-made truffles, and ask each guest to bring a special chocolate treat! Yum!

7. Sushi!: For the modern bride who loves a good salmon tartar, why not order out? Order platters of sushi the day before, and pick them up just before the party so they are nice and fresh. Arrange the sushi on beautiful platters and make sure there are enough chopsticks for everyone! You can make your own side dishes to go with the sushi, such as a garden salad, a big batch of miso-soup, and lots of fresh fruit!

8. Fresh Fruit & Veggies: When a bunch of women get together (especially before a wedding) there are bound to be a few who are watching their waistlines. Why not have a healthy, organic spread featuring local fruit, crunchy veggies, and exotic flavors? Get creative with your serving techniques – start with a watermelon, carve it into a bowl, and fill it with fruit. It’s delicious – and healthy!

9. Potluck: You’re hosting – so why not ask each guest to bring something special, such as a homemade casserole, dessert, or salad. When hosting a potluck, it is wise to give guests specific duties to ensure a full meal. For an added touch, ask each guest to write down their recipe, and present it to the bride as a special gift.

10. Cultural Theme: If your bride-to-be is headed to an exotic destination for her honeymoon, get the party started early my serving up food from this area! Or, maybe she’s marrying into a family of another culture. You could also do a simple “round the world” theme featuring dishes from various countries. From Portuguese to Russian, every culture has its own delicacies: work with this theme to make it work for your particular bride!

Putting together simple yet impressive bridal shower menu ideas - can be a fun way to show off your cooking skills! With a bit of planning and some artful presentation, anyone can whip up a fabulous spread that won’t only look good – it will taste good too! When planning a menu, remember to include a few vegetarian items to ensure that all guests have something to munch on!

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We are always on the search for new menu ideas for a bridal shower! From the way you displayed the food to what you served - please share it all with us!

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