Top 10 DIY Bridal Shower Invites

DIY Bridal Shower Invites
Have you been searching for the perfect invitation for the bridal shower you're throwing? Well if you've searched high and low and still can't quite find the right one - why not make your own?

If you're a crafter at heart - or even if you're not- we've come up with some simple yet fabulous ideas for DIY bridal shower invitations!

"Our Top 10 DIY Bridal Shower Invites"

1) Stamp It- Stamps are very popular right and you can find them in just about any shape you can think of. Pick up some "wedding" themed stamps and some card stock and you have a creative invitation! Print all the shower details from your computer right on the card stock. Don't forget to buy some blank envelopes too!

2)Calligraphy- Pull out your calligraphy pens and think back to high school calligraphy class. Calligrahy is elegant and perfect for bridal shower invites. Find some fancy paper at the craft store, make a template for the shower details on your computer, and simply use your calligraphy pens to fill in the details! You could even find a wedding graphic on the computer to add to the invitation.

3)Scrap It Up- Dig your scrapbooking supplies out and make each invitation a one-of-a-kind! Choose different colored paper, trinkets, pens, brads...whatever you desire to add a special touch to each. If you have some time on your hands - this invite is perfect for you!

4)Add a Little Jazz!- Buy some pre-made invitations and add some fabric, feathers, or ribbon to spice them up a bit! Simple and sweet!

5)Ever Popular Vellum- You can't have a bridal shower invite without vellum! Buy some vellum, card stock, and ribbon at the craft store and print the shower details on the vellum - punch two holes with a hole punch at the top of both papers - tie ribbon in bow to hold papers together.

6)Cake, Bride, Bells- Cut out card stock in a wedding inspired shape - bride, ring, bells, cake, etc. Print all the shower details out on computer paper and glue to the wedding themed card stock you cut out. Super easy!

7) Pictures, Pictures - Purchase some blank cards and envelopes at the craft store. Add some ribbon across the front of the blank card, glue a picture of the bride and groom in the center of the ribbon, add a cute wedding saying. So thoughtful!

8) Online Invites- Just about everyone has email now so why don't you use an online invitation? There are many companies that offer free online invitations that are sent right to the guest's email. There are different invitation options so you aren't stuck with one boring generic invite. Makes life easier and you can track your guest list right online!

9) DIY Kits- Many craft stores and online retailers sell their own "do-it-yourself" invitation kits. The kit comes with everything to build your own invitations. Convenient and crafty!

10) Printables- There are many super cute printable invitations online now! You can choose from oodles of options and print them right at home. Wow, we've come along way!

All fun and crafty ways to add a special touch to your bridal shower invites! Happy Crafting!

What to include on the invitations...

  • Who the bridal shower is for
  • Date and time
  • Where it will be held
  • The name of the shower hostess
  • RSVP information
  • Directions
  • If the bride-to-be is registered anywhere
  • You may also want to include a bridal shower theme, if any

Looking for a Cute Saying to Add to your Invite?

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