Top 10 "Traditional" Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Many brides-to-be want a fairy-tale wedding and a traditional bridal shower to go along with it. You as a hostess should accomodate her needs and throw her the most amazing bridal shower!

It all starts with the perfect invitations - so we have come up with the Top 10 "Traditional" Bridal Shower Wording Ideas that should please the bride-to-be!

The Top 10 Invitation Wording Ideas:

  • Please join us for a
    Bridal Shower
    in honor of
  • ___ & ___
    cordially invite you to a
    Bridal Shower
    in honor of
  • We would be pleased
    to have you join us at a
    Bridal Shower honoring
  • ___ & ___
    are soon to be wed.
    You are invited to a
    Bridal Shower for the couple.
  • Please come to a
    Bridal Shower
  • You're invited to a
    Bridal Shower
    honoring our bride-to-be
  • You are invited to a
    Wedding Shower
    for ___
    fiance of ____
  • Please join us in showering
    with love and best wishes
    at a party in her honor
  • The table is set
    for a Bridal Brunch
  • You are cordially invited
    to a Bridal Shower

Other important information to include on the invitation: Bride's full name, date of shower, time, location, RSVP name and number, and include where the bride is registered.

Whether you plan on making the invitations or purchasing them, these are some helpful bridal shower invite wording ideas to get you started!

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