Top 10 Bridal Shower Gift Baskets

bridal shower gift baskets

Pooling resources with some or all of the guests to create a large gift basket is a fun and delightful way to wish your bridal-buddy well! Start by purchasing a large basket, and line it with tulle or organza for a festive look. Either assign gift ideas to different guests, or go at it with a few close friends. Choose each item for your bridal shower gift basket carefully, and wrap some items in pretty paper while leaving other items out in the open. Purchase some cellophane from a gift-wrapping shop and bundle the whole thing together. The bonus? Your bridal shower gift basket can double as a gorgeous centerpiece during the festivities!

And now....for the "Top 10 Bridal Shower Gift Baskets":

1. Gardening Gift Basket: Moving into marital bliss often means just that: moving. If the bride and groom will be moving into a house with a yard, and the bride has shown an interest in planting, then go ahead with a Gardening gift basket! Fill it with gardening tools, books, magazines, seedlings, and a few flowering plants. A pair of rubber-boots, some pretty pots, and some cute garden-oriented ornaments will pull it all together.

2. Romantic Night In Gift Basket: From a romantic CD to sexy lingerie, give the bride-to-be everything she needs for a romantic night in. Include scented candles, massage oil, a bottle of wine and some decadent chocolates to make her swoon!

3. Gourmet Chef Gift Basket: If the bride loves to cook, then pamper her! You might even take the theme a step further by choosing a specific aspect of cuisine: baking, breakfast, or even herbs – then throw in everything you can find on the subject, such as cookbooks, an apron, artisan additions, and pretty pans or bowls.

4. Spa Night Gift Basket: Who doesn’t love a quiet night in? Pamper your pal with beautifully scented soaps, oils, bubble baths, creams, and lotions. A few at-home spa items like a pedicure set or even a foot whirlpool will make this princess grin from ear to ear!

5. Honeymoon Gift Basket: Prepare your bride to honeymoon in style by sending her off with only the best in swimwear, footwear, jewelry, a gorgeous passport case, and other items that are specific to her destination, such as a traveling book, a movie that takes place in the area, or a language dictionary!

6. Monogram Gift Basket: If your guest of honor loves her new initials, try throwing in a (monogrammed) towel! From stationary to silk pajamas, virtually anything can be proudly emblazoned with her own personalized monogram. Be creative!

7. Gift Certificate Gift Basket: Have each participant provide a gift certificate for a local merchant. Be sure to coordinate to avoid multiples (not that two spa gift certificates ever hurt anyone!). Restaurants, theatres, spas, and home or clothing shops are all great spots to include.

8. Athlete Gift Basket: If the bride-to-be loves to move, then create a gift basket that’s all about staying fit! Include fancy water bottles, a new yoga mat, and books, magazines, or tickets that relate to her sport of choice.

9. Now You’re a Mrs. Gift Basket: Celebrate her new “Mrs” status by giving the bride a basketful of gifts for a married woman: personalized clothing and household items, books about marriage, sexy new lingerie, artwork featuring her new surname (if applicable) and even a gag gift or two!

10. Wedding Day Survival Basket: Make sure your bride-to-be is prepared for her big day by offering up some wedding-day must haves in a pretty basket! From Evian facial misters to color coordinated nail polish, you can put together a variety of items that will make her wedding day a breeze!

Putting extra-clever bridal shower gift baskets together can be lots of fun – be sure to set a budget though; because all those little items add up fast! Go at it alone, with a couple of close friends; or get the whole crowd involved. You can even have a gift basket theme; where the group is divided into groups of three or four to prepare a special basket! It will be a basket of fun – that’s for sure!

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