Top 10 Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower games are a great way to break the ice and get people interacting with eachother! While it is not necessary to play games - they will make the shower fun and people tend to loosen up a bit.

Ask the bride-to-be if she had her heart set on any particular games and make sure to include those. 

A fun, meaningful twist would be to take a game and make it all about the couple - you could even get the groom to answer some questions before hand and surprise the bride-to-be! 

Top 10 Favorite Bridal Shower Games:

1. Advice Games: Ask each guest to write down a piece of advice for the bride as she enters married life. You can have special cards prepared for this game, which the bride can tuck away as a keepsake. Have the bride read each piece of advice – and then guess who wrote it down!

2. Bridal Bingo: Purchase a specially made kit of “Bridal Bingo” for a fun game that everyone knows! Or, use a regular set and turn it into a wedding theme by covering the numbers with bridal symbols, such as flowers, cake, a heart, etc.

3. How Well do You Know….: Write down a series of questions about the bride (or the couple) such as “where did they meet,” “where did the bride grow up,” and have guests try to guess the answer! Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

4. Pop a Balloon!: Insert small photos or items into each balloon before blowing it up (one for each guest). Each guest proceeds to pop her balloon with a pin. The lady who pops the balloon with a picture of a groom in it (or some other item, depending on your shower) wins the prize!

5. Pin the veil on the bride: Yes, it’s just like “pin the tail on the donkey.” Have a large cut out of a bride attached to the wall (or the back of the door) and have blindfolded guests attempt to attach the veil to the right spot. The winner gets a prize.

6. Teach Me!: Instead of playing traditional games, bring in a specialist; such as a flower designer or a cake decorator – and have them lead the group to make their very own creation, which each guest can then take home.

7. Know Thy Groom: Ask the groom a series of questions, and write down the answer – and then have the bride answer them and see how well she does. Examples: “What was your childhood pet’s name?” “What do you like on your pizza?” etc.

8. Toilet Paper Dress: Divide your ladies into equal groups of three or four. Each group must choose a “model” and will be provided three rolls of toilet paper. The group that makes the best wedding gown (chosen by the bride, of course!) is the winning group!

9. Paper Plate Madness: Put a small sticker or dot on the bottom of one of the plates. Once everyone has a plate and is happily munching away, ask everyone to look under their plates (you could use chairs or cups instead). The winner receives the centerpiece. Use a wedding-themed sticker for extra festivity!

10. Magnificent Memory: This bridal shower game is perfect for kitchen items! Have all the items (which should be new, as the bride will get to take them home as gifts) laid out on a pretty tray – or attached to an apron worn by the bride. Let everyone get a good look, and then take the items away. Whoever can list all the items wins.

Playing bridal shower games, although it might seem a little juvenile, is a really fun way to add laughter to your shower! You can play as many as you like – it’s a good idea to have two or three that you love, plus a couple of back up games if people are getting really into it. You can purchase small gifts from a dollar store for prizes, or offer up gift certificates to the winners! Let the games begin!

If you're playing games, you will need prizes for the winners!

bridal shower games

From wine to potted plants - there are many great prize options - check them out here! 

Check out our games that you can print right from home - So easy and convenient!

bridal shower games

"Don't Say It" Game - Can't Say the Words "Bride" or "Wedding" during the shower or you will lose your pins!

bridal shower games

A fun, easy game that all will enjoy - FREE printables too!  

Get all the details of the game here!

Bridal Shower Charades

bridal shower games


Just like the classic charades but with a bridal shower twist. Not into acting? Turn the game into Bridal Pictionary!

Get all the details and FREE printable here..

If games aren't the bride-to-be's thing - there are many activites you can do instead. Pamper the guests with manicures, or have a martini party and have the guests mix up their own concoctions - vote for the best!

Find more game alternatives here...

More Fun Game Ideas:

We are always searching for entertaining, new bridal shower games so please share  your game ideas with us!

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