Top 10 Hilarious Bridal Shower Games To Play

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games To Play

Bridal shower games are all about entertaining the guests! A good sign the guests are entertained is if they're laughing - so we have come up with some hilarious bridal shower games to guarantee some laughter! If your guests aren't cracking up during these games....there's just something wrong with them!

"Our Top 10 Hilarious Bridal Shower Games To Play"

1) Wedding Night- While the bride is opening gifts, secretly write down the phrases she says while opening the gifts. (Some examples of what she might say- "Wow, that's amazing", "You'll have to show me how this works") Once she is done opening gifts, read what you have written down and say "This is what (the bride's name) will say on her wedding night." Way too funny!

2) Where's The Pin? Pour a bag of uncooked rice into a bowl and add about 20 regular saftey pins to the rice. Place bowl up high so the guest can't see into the bowl or place a blindfold on the guest. Have the guest try to find as many saftey pins as she can - placing them into another bowl once found. This game sounds so easy but it is super hard! Guest with the most found safety pins wins!

3) Bridal Pictionary- Come up with some funny words and phrases related to marriage, weddings, honeymoon. Depending on the mood of the shower, pick some "risque" words to spice it up a bit. Set up a big drawing board and get some markers. Divide the guests into two teams and start playing pictionary! Hilarious to watch the guests draw "certain" things!

4) Balloon Pop- When blowing up the balloons, in one of the balloons place a number inside it. As the guests arrive give them each a number. Later on, have the bride-to-be go around and sit and pop all the balloons until she finds the one with the number inside. Once she pops that balloon - the guest with the same number that was inside the balloon wins!

5) Purse Mystery- Make a list of about 20 items - some common things found in a purse and some uncommon. Give each item a point value...(ex. pen=1, brush=2, diaper=10,condom=20). As the guests start emptying their purses, have them keep score of the items they find. Guest with the most points - wins. Crazy what women keep in a purse and funny to watch them squirm when they try to explain why it's in there!

That's not all! Read on for more fun bridal shower games to play...

6) Cotton Ball Mania- Get a bag of cotton balls, 2 bowls, and a large wooden spoon. Empty the cotton balls into one of the bowls. Blindfold the guest and have them transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the next using the woooden spoon! Funny to watch but not so easy to do!

7) Draw the Groom- Give each guest a piece of paper, pen, and a book. Tell each guest to place the book and paper on their head and to draw a picture of the groom in his underwear. Give them about two minutes - the bride-to-be gets to pick the best drawing! This game will defintely provide some laughter!

8) Don't Cross Your Legs!- Give each guest two safety pins or clothes pins (won't leave holes in clothes) to attach to their shirt when they arrive. Tell them if they cross their legs during the shower, another guest can steal their saftey pin. The guest with the most safety pins at the end of the shower, wins! Frustrating at times but one of the best bridal shower games to play!

9) What Is The Bride Wearing? During the shower, have the bride secretly leave the room. Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and tell them to write down what the bride-to-be was wearing. The guest that can describe what she was wearing best, wins. Sounds easy but most people can't even come up with the color of her shirt!

10) Paper Bag Strip Tease- Give each guest a paper bag and have them place it on their head. Tell them to remove items of what they're wearing that aren't necessary. Person with the most articles removed in two minutes...wins! What's funny is that most people will still have the paper bag on their head, not thinking they could have taken that off too!

There you have our hilarious bridal shower games to play...they will guarantee a good time had by all! Enjoy and happy laughter!

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