Fabulous and Fun Bridal Shower Favors to Make....

Plantable Favor Tags!

Bridal Shower Favors To Make

Spring is near - flowers and sun are on the way. These super cute and ever so easy plantable favor tags are the perfect addition to any favor. They literally only took a few minutes to make and the cost was minimal - my kind of DIY project!

Here's how they were made...

bridal shower favors to make


bridal shower favors to make

Add some flour to water and mix. You want it to be the consistency of pancake batter (slightly on the runny side)

bridal shower favors to make

Mixture should look like this.

bridal shower favors to make

Grab the paint brush and a favor tag...

bridal shower favors to make

Flip the tag over and start painting a THIN layer of flour mixture on the back of the tag. (Very important to only apply a thin layer and no clumps so the ink on the opposite side of tag won't bleed.)

Saw this technique on HowDoesShe and thought it was so clever!

bridal shower favors to make

Sprinkle on the flower seeds (excuse my manicure that my 5 year old daughters gave me :) )

bridal shower favors to make

Let the tag dry.

bridal shower favors to make

Add to small ceramic flower pots (I found these cuties in the Target $1 section - gotta love Target), attach to bud vases, bags filled with candy, etc.

Let the guests know to detach the tag and plant in a thin layer of dirt!

These plantable favor tags are an easy bridal shower favor to make while yet stylish and affordable too. Happy Crafting!

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