Top 10 Tips On Proper
Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal Shower Etiquette

There’s a certain etiquette to weddings, and all the events surrounding them! If you’re planning a shower, it’s important to brush up on a bit of Bridal Shower Etiquette. There are some rules that always apply: be kind, considerate, and polite. Here are a few of our Top Tips when it comes to Shower Etiquette:

1. Who Plans it?: Traditionally, a Bridal shower was planned by her Maid of Honor; but these days, it could be planned by anyone!

2. When to Have it: The shower should be held one or two months before the wedding. Anything closer could be stressful to the bride, as she will have a lot on her plate! As far as time-of-day goes,

3. Who To Invite: When it comes to making the guest-list, the main rule is to only invite guests who have been invited to the wedding – unless it’s a special shower for a specific group (such as workmates) or the wedding is extremely small (such as a destination wedding); and most of the guests understand they won’t be at the wedding itself. It should be nearly an all-or-none situation: one or two guests who simply weren’t invited to the ceremony and reception would be very uncomfortable at the shower. You might go over the list with the bride or a family member to make sure you’ve got everyone.

4. Write it Down: When the bride begins to open her gifts, a bridesmaid or close friend should be by her side with a pen and a notepad, recording who gave exactly what as a gift. This will make it easy for the bride to send out thank you notes.

5. Send Thank You Cards: The bride should send the thank-you cards out a week after the shower. If you’re planning the shower, it’s also a wonderful help to the bride if you provide her with everyone’s address (or pre-address the thank-you card envelopes for her) so it is one less thing she has to do before the wedding.

6. Send Invitations: Sending out proper invitations in the mail is a nice gesture; and this should be done about three weeks before the shower. If sending paper invites isn’t in the cards, make up a nice online invite and email it to the guests. But keep in mind, older generation guests such as aunts and grandmothers may not be up to speed with may want to send them traditional invites. Be sure to request RSVPs.

7. Who Pays?: If you are hosting the shower, bridal shower etiquette dictates that you are the one to pay for it. This can be as elaborate or simple as you would like! If money is tight, consider having a potluck-picnic at a park to cut down on expenses.

8. Do I have to give favors?: You don’t have to give favors, but it’s a lovely gesture and a nice memento. Consider giving something small, or making something (such as cookies) from scratch.

9. Should I invite Men? If you want! If you choose to have a couples shower, go right ahead! However, lots of brides love the tradition of having a ladies-only affair! Want the best of both worlds? Have the men join you later in the day – once the gifts have been opened and the games have been played – and enjoy a meal together!

10. Does It Need to be a Surprise? It doesn’t have to be – a surprise simply adds to the fun! Take your bride’s personality into consideration, and if you’re planning a shower without her knowledge, be sure to collaborate with others who are close to her to make sure all her loved ones are invited!

A wedding shower is a lovely event that a bride remembers forever! While your bridal shower etiquette needn’t be perfect, there are certain things that never change, such as sending thank you notes! Have fun during the planning process, and remember: don’t sweat the small stuff!

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