Top 10 Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal Shower Decorations

Choosing your bridal shower decorations is a fun task – after all, you’re creating the backdrop for a very special get together!

Know your location! Will the shower be held at a restaurant, hotel, living room, or outdoors?

Set a budget, and get decorating! Choose shower decorations that will add a festive feel to your surroundings!

The "Top 10 Shower Decorations" are...

1. Centerpiece: You’ll need an extra-special item for a centerpiece– and you may even need two! Consider having one for the gift table and one for the food table. A centerpiece can be made of flowers, fruit, or anything that is quite large and will make an impression!

2. Photos: Decorate the room with photos of the bride (and the groom, if you like) from when they were babies, children, or just as a couple. Blow up larger than life photos, have framed photos, and print up special items featuring the photos to bring your event to life!

3. Tulle: Tulle is cheap, versatile, and simple screams “bride!” Head to your local fabric shop and buy enough lengths to decorate your doorways, tables, and maybe even a chandelier!

4. Flowers: Nothing says festivities like flowers! From silk to fresh, the result is the same: bright bursts of color that bring joy! Choose one special flower to feature, such as tulips, or choose a theme color to work with, and then create several bouquets to add to the festive ambiance!

5. Candles: No matter what the time of day, a few well placed candles will add to any décor! Choose color coordinated candles, and arrange them in odd numbers. Make sure they are out of the way so they cannot be bumped!

6. Ribbons: Purchase a few rolls of a gorgeous ribbon to add dramatic style to any aspect of your décor! You can even have personalized ribbon printed up! Tie it around bouquets, door handles, and dishes to add to the celebratory atmosphere!

7. Linens: If you’ve created a lovely spread and really want to showcase it, you need to think about linens. From artistically printed or personalized paper napkins, to table cloths and cloth napkins that offer bursts of color, bring your look together with gorgeous textiles.

8. Balloons: They’re not just for kids’ birthday parties anymore! Balloons are available in gorgeous colors, special designs, and with a bit of helium; you can create a balloon bouquet that adds instant panache to any décor!

9. Light it up!: Bridal shower decorations are not complete without lights! String white twinkle lights in trees, bushes and plants for a cozy and inviting feel. Can be used indoors or out.

10. Paper Plates & More: Keep your color scheme going by purchasing a set of matching paper plates, cups, plastic forks, and balloons. It makes clean-up a breeze, and the matching items will add a professional touch to your big day!

You can turn any room into a bridal hub with a bit of creativity and some careful planning. If you’re hosting at home, give the house a thorough cleaning the week before the event, so you just need to tidy up the day before. Shop for your bridal shower decorations in advance, so you’re not running around like a crazy woman the morning of the shower! Do as much of the decorating the day before as you can, so on the day of the shower, you can focus on other things like food and last-minute details. Remember to save the décor, or pass it along to a friend – another wedding is likely just around the corner!

Some of the Top Bridal Shower Decorations From Our Affiliates:

Easy, DIY Banners

(photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden)

Cut hearts, circles, or any other fun shape out of decorative scrapbook paper and attach to ribbon for an easy banner to use as a sweet decoration!

We've made a custom banner just for you! Print, cut, and attach to some ribbon and you have a super cute banner to display at the shower!

Download the banner here!

Personalized Banners From Our Affiliates:

Fun Centerpiece Ideas

bridal shower decorations

Make a super easy towel cake and use it as the centerpiece! It can also double as your gift to the bride-to-be! Get all the DIY details here...

Create this signature plate guestbook for only $1! This ceramic plate was found at the Dollar Store! They have many different plates and platters to choose from.

Dig out your Sharpies and have the guests each write their "well wishes" right on the plate! Use this in place of the traditional guestbook! One the bride-to-be can hold onto for a lifetime.

To make the ink stay on permanately, simply bake the plate in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Makes for a fun centerpiece too!


More Bridal Shower Decoration Fun:

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