Top 10 Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

There is no need to worry about coming up with some extravagant centerpiece to make your table "POP!"

Less is more when it comes to bridal shower centerpieces and we have come up with a few great ideas to help you out. While there is no need to have a centerpiece at all, these are a few options if you do decide to have one.

Our Top 10 Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas are:

1) Flowers: A simple vase with cut flowers will add a sunny feel to any table. To add a more personal touch, choose flowers in the shade of her wedding colors. Another option is to place partially-bloomed hyacinth bulbs(or another hearty bulb) in a clear vase - they could even double as a favor for the guests to take home!

2) Dessert: Let the dessert be the main attraction! If you plan on serving cupcakes for the dessert, place them in a cupcake stand in the center of the table. If cake is your choice, find a fancy cake stand and "VOILA," instant centerpiece!

3) Candles: To add a romantic feel to the party, place candles in all shapes, sizes, and colors in the center of the table. Place them in holders or on a tray. Another fun way to display candles is to pour water into a glass bowl and add some floating candles - you could even add some fresh flowers! Oh, and remember to light the candles just before the guests arrive!

4) Fruit: For a more tropical feel, buy some fresh fruit and place in any kind of container you choose. Lemons, limes, and oranges are great, colorful fruit options!

5) Balloons: An assortment of balloons will do the trick! Just add the balloon bouquet to the table and you have a fun and easy centerpiece! Scatter some confetti around to jazz it up even more!

6) Candy: Everyone is still a kid at heart so why not let candy be the centerpiece? Place lollipops in a stand and make a "lollipop tree" centerpiece. Or find clear glass vases or bowls and place colorful candy in them! The guests can snack on the candy during the shower too or take some home as a favor!

7) Theme: If you decide to have a theme to the shower - have the centerpiece relate to the theme. For "Stock-the-Bar" theme; place champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne on a tray and place in the center of the table. For a "Spa" theme; scatter some bath oil beads, soaps, and lotions on a tray for a centerpiece.

8) Seasons: Stick with the season in which the shower falls and create a fun centerpiece around it! For Fall; fall leaves or a cornicopia with pumpkins.Winter; holly or a poinsettia. Spring; potted tulips or have it be butterfly inspired. Summer; beach related - sand on a tray with shells, starfish, and candles!

9) Towel Cake: The new craze for bridal showers is towel cakes! You can purchase them online or learn to make your own wedding shower towel cake using a variety of different towels. After the shower is over, let that be your gift to the bride-to-be! A great bridal shower centerpiece idea!

10) Photos: Gather some old and new photos of the bride and groom-to-be and place them in some frames and you have a memorable centerpiece! Everyone will enjoy reminiscing !

There you have our Top 10 Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas! Creative and inexpensive ideas to add some flair to the table without over-doing it.

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