Top 10 Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas

A bridal shower brunch is usually a bit more relaxed and intimate than a shower held in late afternoon.

For the menu - choose food that can be prepared in advance so you aren't in the kitchen while the shower is going on. You can go all out with individual place settings or keep it a simple buffet style brunch. It is all up to you!

"Our Top 10 Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas:"

Brunch Menu Ideas:

  • A variety of quiches or an egg casserole are great options for a brunch. You can make both in advance and heat up the day of the shower.
  • Fruit is a must! Choose fruit that is in season and looks good at the grocery store that day. You can make fruit platters, kabobs, or hollow out an orange or grapefruit and use them as bowls for the fruit!
  • Serve up some potatoes! Potatoes are cheap and easy to make and everyone loves them. You can fry them, shred them, or even make a casserole out of them!
  • When you think of brunch - pastries or muffins usually come to mind! Danishes, cinnamon rolls, poppy seed muffins, blueberry muffins....mmm!
  • For dessert think light. A cake can be skipped all together or you can serve an angel food cake or cupcakes. Fruit tarts and crisps are excellent choices if you don't want to serve cake.
  • The new craze for weddings and showers is chocolate fountains! Have strawberries, bananas, pretzels, and cut-up pound cake for the guests to dip in the stream of chocolate! You can purchase fountains - for a reasonable price - at many retail stores now.
  • Now for the fun - drinks! Options are endless - coffee, tea, juice, punch, fruit smoothies, spritzers, mimosas with berries....refreshing!

    Now for the Atmosphere of a Brunch:

  • Brunches are held between 10am-12pm. The best part of the day!
  • For decor keep it soft and white. White tablecloths with colorful cut flowers in vases - simple and elegant!

  • You can either pull-out your fancy dishes or keep it easy with paper plates. That's the great thing about brunches - they can be formal or laid-back! You choose!

    A bridal shower brunch is an excellent way to shower the bride-to-be! Yummy food, great conversation, and an elegant setting! Happy Brunch!

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