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Our Interview With Stephanie Frazier Grimm from Couture Wedding Design and Couture Parties

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Stephanie Frazier Grimm is the talent and Owner/Designer behind Couture Wedding Design and Couture Parties. The parties she has designed are truly incredible. Her attention to detail, creativity, and unique style shine throughout each party.

We asked Stephanie how she started in the industry and her advice on throwing an unforgettable bridal shower - this is what she had to say...

How did you start in the party planning industry?

I have always planned parties and weddings. In college I was in fashion show production, then visual display/merchandising. I got married and we decided I was going to be a stay at home Mom, I started making clothes/accessories for my son because I could not find stylish useful things. My playgroup Moms encouraged me to start a business, so I started Mama & Bambino, sold it within 2 years. Had my daughter and was looking for another creative outlet where I could still work from home, with a passion for throwing my own parties, this is when Couture Parties was officially started (May 2008)

What themes are "in" right now for bridal showers?

It seems co-ed showers are very popular. I am a traditionalist, so I still like getting all the girls together to ohh and ahh over kitchen gadgets.

Are there any trends as far as decor for bridal showers right now?

I am not too sure about the masses, but a lot of my clients are giving a vintage feel and incorporating their china and silver for a true "ladies tea luncheon" Why else would you use the good china?!

Any "hot" menu ideas?

Mini. Anything mini. If it is presented in a small glass or on a stick it is a must.

Any tips or trends for throwing a bridal shower this holiday season?

If you are throwing a bridal shower during the holidays, do not incorporate that holidays theme. A bridal shower is supposed to be about the bride, and the things she likes, not Christmas tree shaped cookies for dessert. Save the holidays for its own party, leave this party strictly to the bride and her favorites :)

Any other advice for the bridal shower hosts out there?

Ask the bride what she likes. Colors she likes. Food she likes. Even if she is willing to play games. Nothing is worse then throwing a party and the guest of honor being devastated because you are sharing her and fiance's first kiss location...in front of her conservative mother in law.

Thanks so much to Stephanie for all the great bridal shower advice. If you want to check out some of the parties and weddings Stephanie has designed - Hop on over to Couture Wedding Design and Couture Parties.

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