Top 10 Bridal Shower Activities....

fun alternatives to the typical shower games!

Bridal Shower Activities

Bride to-be not into games? Are you wondering how you'll keep the guests entertained? There are many activities, other than games, that will definitely get the guests talking.

Make sure to ask the bride-to-be if she has any activity in mind - since the shower should be all about her! Maybe she has a favorite hobby you can incorporate - or is very passionate about a cause ... all things to consider when plannng activities. Here are our favorites:

'Top 10 Bridal Shower Activities'

  • Jot It Down- Place a journal on a table and as the guests arrive have them write some words of advice to the couple, a fun memory, or a favorite recipe the couple might enjoy throughout the years.
  • Spa Day- Who needs games when you can entertain with manis and pedis for everyone! Hire someone to come in and give manicures and pedicures, or do them yourselves! This will definitely be a shower to remember!
  • Scrapbook Party- If scrapbookin' is her thing - host a scrapbook bridal shower. Get a bunch of supplies and fun paper and let the guests start scrappin'! You could even ask the guests to bring photos of the bride and groom and have them scrap a page for the bride-to-be. Gather all the pages together and put them in a book for her.
  • Door Prizes- Have the guests jot down their birthday and place in a jar - the one closest to the wedding date wins a prize. Or place a sticker on the bottom of one of the plates and the guest with the sticker on their plate wins!
  • Talk, Gab, Gossip!- Mere conversation is an activity in itself! Many people will be entertained with the company around them and that will be entertainment enough.
  • Thank You Photos- Have a bridesmaid take pictures of the bride and each guest as the shower is happening. Get doubles when developing the pictures - give one to the bride-to-be to keep and have her send the other to the guests in their thank-you cards.
  • Cooking Class- If the shower is a cooking theme or if the bride-to-be enjoys to cook - attend a cooking class or hire a chef to come to the shower and cook.
  • Wine, oh sweet Wine! - Do some wine tasting at the shower! Whether it be by a professional or not. Check out more wine tasting party tips here...
  • Karaoke- The word karaoke says enough! Pure entertainment.
  • Psychic- Hire a psychic to come in! What does the future hold....

While there is no need for games or even a special activity - we hope you enjoyed our spin on the typical bridal shower activities!

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