Printable Bridal Libs

A printable fill in the blank game that will make everyone laugh!

Bridal Libs is a hilarious game that will make a great addition to any shower!

Bridal Libs is a game of fill in the blanks. Guests fill in the blanks in the story with the form of speech (adjective, verb, noun) indicated below the blank space. There isn't a winner in this game - just pure amusement for the bride-to-be to read all the funny, off the wall answers!

It also makes a great alternative to the standard guest book! Have them available to fill in right as the guests arrive. Package them all up in a cute binder and give to the bride-to-be to cherish and giggle at once in awhile!

Draw someone's "Lib" during the shower and that guest wins a prize! Simple, instant game winner!

An example of  the "Marriage Advice" part of the story could turn out:

Remember to always scream and you should never breathe. Hold toes often and kick each other every night.

What's Included in Your Order:

  • A printable 8.5 x 11" version of the game (you can then print off as many copies as you will need)
  • Rules of Play

Once you place your order, a link to the game will be INSTANTLY emailed to you. You can then start printing right from home and save the game to your computer for future use. It is yours to keep!


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